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It is critical to officially welcome and orient your new employee to Southeast Missouri State University and your part of the organization as soon as possible. The following is the recommended path that you take through the orientation process. Your new hire should attend a Benefits Orientation, conducted by the Benefits Office, on his/her first week of work. Also, your new hire will attend a separate New Staff Member Orientation at a later date.

For additional tips and suggestions, utilize the following checklists to assist you in welcoming and orienting a new employee:

  • First Day on the Job
    Download: (Adobe PDF)
  • During the First Week
    Download: (Adobe PDF)
  • During the First - Six Months of Employment
    Download: (Adobe PDF)

First Impressions Count

Here are a few ways to make your new employee feel welcome and confident in his or her decision to join the University:

  • Call new employees before their start date. Confirm need-to-know information, such as "I'll see you on Monday at 8:00 for a short discussion before visiting the Human Resources Department," and add that you are pleased that he or she will be joining your team. Reaching out to employees before they begin conveys that you are excited about their arrival and it will give them an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Arrange for lunch with a buddy. During the first week, set up a time when your new hire and another employee in your department can go to lunch together. It will give the new employee a second perspective (in addition to yours) for insight about the department's culture.
  • Provide resources. Your new hire will be overwhelmed with information during his or her first few days. To ensure he or she has answers about details (such as naming convention for files on the computer network or how to request special supplies), designate a go-to person for the new employee to access important contacts.


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