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separation procedures

Reasons for separation from University employment fall in one of the following categories: retirement, resignation, layoff, or involuntary termination of employment. An employee who voluntarily resigns is expected to give the University the required advance notice. The supervisor must notify the Human Resources of the employee's impending resignation. Failure to provide notification may result in the employee not receiving a timely final paycheck and/or pay for unused vacation accumulation.

Prior to any suspension or termination, the supervisor must discuss the matter with the Director of Human Resources and obtain approval from his or her division executive. The following document must be completed by the supervisor of the employee to be terminated:

Termination Report Form
Download: (Adobe PDF)

The complete separation process for retirement, resignation, layoff, or involuntary termination of employment may be found under the following provisions:

University's Business Policy & Procedure Manual Section (03-20 Separation)
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Property Clearance

An employee separating from Southeast Missouri State University must obtain clearance from all financial obligations and university-owned property. The following form must be completed prior to the employee's last day of employment:

Property Clearance Form
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Exit Interview

Each employee who voluntarily resigns from the University will be asked to schedule an exit interview with the Human Resources Coordinator. In an informal setting, exiting employees can provide insights into the success of recruiting efforts, the effectiveness of University benefits, compensation and training programs, as well as information on the quality of work life and University employee relations initiatives.


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