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hiring SMART

No one can guarantee that a good hiring process will result in the "perfect hire" for any job, but having the right tools will increase the likelihood of being successful in selecting the right candidate. This web page is designed to provide you with the resources you will need to know to conduct a successful job search from posting and advertising, to making the employment offer.

Tips for Hiring the Right Person

Every job opening is a chance to welcome talented new employees who can improve Southeast Missouri State University by adding new skills, new approaches and new talent. Hiring managers have a responsibility to hire the candidate who will best meet the current and future needs of both the department and the University. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of surrounding yourself with the best staff available.

S- Start with a REAL job description. Revise job descriptions to include behaviors, evaluate the performance of successful employees and incorporate that into the job description. Adjust your thinking, and list traits that a person must have in order to do the job effectively.

M - Make a list of questions. Use behavior-based questions (questions that don't have "yes" or "no" answers), and ask questions about the person's past performance to determine how they will perform in the future.

A - Ask questions and listen carefully. Build rapport with the candidate and set the stage for what that person should expect from the interview. Maintain control and use a list to stay on track. Take objective notes, and dig deeper into qualifications. Also practice your introduction with a coworker so that the interview starts off in the right direction.

R - Review the responses thoughtfully. Figure out how you will compare one job candidate with another, and if there are multiple interviewers, get their feedback on the individual as well. And remember to check the person's references. Don't make any promises to the candidate until you're certain they will be hired for the position.

T - Thoughtfully bring the new hire on board. Upon making your decision, be sure to outline the orientation process and let the new employee know when they will start. Send the individual a personal note, call them before their first day on the job, prepare an orientation "buddy" and give the person enough information to feel secure during their first days on the job.

University's Policies and Procedures:

  • 03-01 Employment Practices
    Download: (Adobe PDF)
  • 03-02 Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
    Download: (Adobe PDF)
  • 03-07 Job Bid System
    Download: (Adobe PDF)
  • 03-09 Employment Type Designation Policy
    Download: (Adobe PDF)
  • 03-10 Probationary Period and Evaluations
    Download: (Adobe PDF)

Other Important Links:

If you need assistance with the University's staff hiring process, contact Dana Seabaugh, Employment Specialist at (573) 651-5096. Questions related to the faculty hiring process; contact Melissia Coffee, Employment Specialist at (573) 651-2080.



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