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workers' compensation

If medical treatment is required please contact 1-800-624-2354 for the name of an authorized medical care provider.

Emergency Situations

  • Seek initial treatment at the nearest hospital emergency room, then notify your employer/supervisor as soon as possible.

Southeast Missouri State University hopes that you are never injured on the job. If you are, you are covered through Workers' Compensation with the Central Accident Reporting Office (CARO), P.O. Box 809, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

Workers' Compensation can pay for your medical care to relieve the effects of your injury sustained on the job. This includes doctor's fees, hospital costs, lab test, x-rays, pharmacy charges, prosthetic devices, etc.

Workers' Compensation also provides payments based on lost wages. These payments are for "temporary disability", or the inability to work, as authorized by a physician. Payments may be made if there is a permanent disability -- for example, the loss of an eye or the amputation of a finger or limb.

Workers' Compensation benefits may be reduced for injuries sustained in conjunction with the use of alcohol or controlled, non-prescribed drugs. Benefits may be forfeited if shown that the use of alcohol or controlled, non-prescribed drugs were the proximate cause of the injury.

Obtaining Benefits

Prompt reporting is the key! Avoid unnecessary delays or denials by notifying your supervisor immediately of an injury. Your supervisor should contact Human Resources at extension 2084.

If an accident occurs while you are working, adhere to the following steps:

Report all injuries immediately to your supervisor. Document the time, place, names of witnesses, and nature of the injury in a written report.

If medical treatment is required, you should call 1-800-624-2354, 24 hours a day for the name of an authorized medical care provider in your area, prior to seeking treatment. The State of Missouri will not pay for medical treatment you receive if you do not utilize authorized medical providers. However, you may seek your own medical care with the provider of your choice at your own expense.
Note: The University's health insurance will not cover any illness or injury incurred during the course of work.

Unless it is an emergency, do not seek aid without informing your supervisor and going to an authorized medical provider. If it is an emergency, seek initial treatment at the nearest hospital emergency room. Then notify your supervisor as soon as possible. Notify the hospital that your injury is a workers' compensation injury and give the name, address, and telephone number of your employer. CARO requests in-patient hospital stays be pre-certified. Physicians and hospitals are aware of the procedures. Contact CARO regarding any questions concerning pre-certification. Surgeries and the purchase or rental of medical equipment should be pre-approved by CARO.

The supervisor should notify Human Resources to initiate the Workers' Compensation claim and to assure that lost time is recorded correctly.

Mileage may be reimbursed by CARO for treatment outside the local area.

Workers' Compensation Forms

Authorization to Release Medical Records

Download: (Adobe PDF)

Employee Injury Report

Download: (Adobe PDF)

Supervisor Statement

Download: (Adobe PDF)

Witness Statement

Download: (Adobe PDF)

Vendor Input Form

Download: (Adobe PDF)

The University reserves the right to modify or terminate such plans at any time with or without notice. Participation in these plans is provided to eligible employees and does not constitute a guarantee of employment.


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