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timesheet FAQs

  1. Why can I not see any of my employees that I approve?
    Until one of your employees go into their time sheet for a particular pay period you will not see any employees as there are no time sheets to approve.
  2. How do I approve a time sheet that is at an “In Progress” status?
    Until the employee submits their time for approval you can not make changes or approve the timesheet.  If the employee has time to be approved but has not submitted it for approval you will need to contact the employee to submit their time.
  3. Why are there multiple time sheets for one employee?
    Employees holding more then one position or have an overload will have multiple positions displayed in Employee Self Service.
  4. Why do I see employees that I do not approve?
    You will see all employees for the department you have security for as long as they are in a “Not Started” status.  Once the employee enters their time sheet they will go to their approver and will drop off of your list.
  5. Why do I see my own timesheet?
    As with other employees, you will see your personal time sheet as long as it is in a “Not Started” status due to departmental security.  Once you enter your time sheet it will go to your approver.
  6. How do I enter my regular hours worked?
    Unless you are a temporary employee or student worker you will never enter regular hours worked.  Banner time entry is set up as exception time only.  You will enter any leave time you had for the pay period only and the payroll system will default in your regular hours accordingly.


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