performance appraisals

Performance Appraisal Instructions and the Performance Appraisal Forms are available on the Human Resources website. Supervisors are requested to forward the quick assessment for all their employees’ performance ratings to the reviewer by March 28, 2018. Quick assessments should be received in Human Resources by April 4, 2018 . Supervisors should also complete the performance appraisal form, meet with employees and forward the completed signed appraisal form to the reviewer by April 11, 2018 . However, individual Reviewers may alter the schedule for completion of departmental performance appraisals. The Reviewer will complete the reviews so that the appraisal forms will be received in Human Resources by April 18, 2018.

The forms can be downloaded from the Performance Appraisal Forms page of our website, and printed for signatures. The supervisor and employee should sign the appraisal form and keep a copy for their records. The appraisal form should then be forwarded to the Reviewer. If the Reviewer makes no revisions/comments on the appraisal form, the Reviewer will sign the appraisal form and forward the original to Human Resources. If any changes are made by the Reviewer, the Reviewer will make a copy of the revised appraisal and distribute to the supervisor and employee before the appraisal is forwarded to Human Resources.

Staff employees who began their employment after March 31, 2018 have not had a full opportunity to demonstrate meritorious performance. However, supervisors are encouraged to use the performance appraisal forms for recently hired staff to communicate progress during the probationary period. If any changes are made by the reviewer, the reviewer will return the revised appraisal to the supervisor. The supervisor will meet with the employee, before the appraisal is returned to the reviewer, for final review and sent to Human Resources.

If you have questions about the performance appraisal process, contact Human Resources for assistance at extension 6192.


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