furlough procedures

This page contains the guidelines to implement the temporary voluntary summer leave without pay (LWOP) option for non-faculty employees.

Note: Current benefit structures will be applied to this program.

Notice: The thirty day advance notice requirement in the current operating procedures for LWOP is reduced effective June 3, 2002, (the written request for LWOP will be expedited for decision). Each request will be considered in light of the department’s operating needs. Employees who request LWOP may simply state their reason for the LWOP as “in response to the President’s May 24, 2002, request.”

Vacation: To help encourage applicants, vacation will accrue (up to the maximum balance of 240 hour permitted) during periods of LWOP until further notice. The accrual will be processed upon the employee’s return to pay status as an hours adjustment in the next payroll.

July 4: Employees who take a LWOP that includes the July 4 holiday, will be paid for the holiday.

Summer: The end of the period for summer voluntary LWOP is August 9. However, the LWOP option will be available throughout FY 03 (some departments’ work loads are higher in the summer, making it difficult to permit LWOP at this time, but they may be able to recommend approval for other times during the year).

Minimum Periods of LWOP: The minimum period for LWOP will be a full day.

Intermittent LWOP: It is allowable to grant LWOP on an intermittent basis (for instance, an employee might wish to be off every Friday for June and July and the department may be able to better accommodate the resulting four day work week than a two consecutive week LWOP).

Processing LWOP Requests: Interested employees are asked to give a written request to their supervisor that states the dates for the LWOP. Those requests, with comments from the supervisor, will then be submitted to the Provost or the division vice president for approval, modification, or disapproval, depending upon the needs of the unit. The Provost or division vice president will provide written notice to the Human Resources Office of all approved LWOP requests.

A letter to the employee offering the approved LWOP will be generated by Human Resources. The Benefits Office will contact employees to explain any benefits procedures that might be affected or to answer employee questions. For any employee on extended LWOP, the HR and Benefits Offices will reinstate the employee based upon the dates in the approved request.

Important Features of the Temporary Voluntary LWOP

  1. Benefits: The University will continue to provide $275 per month toward employee benefits choices and maintain all normally provided University benefits. Employees may choose to maintain their dependent or supplemental benefits by making arrangements in advance of the LWOP with the Benefits Office for payment of the premiums. The Benefits Office will contact the employee individually to make these arrangements.
  2. Medical Reimbursement and Dependent Care: A LWOP that lasts for an extended period (generally at least a full month), may cause these before tax salary reductions to cease. Adjustments in the monthly salary reduction can be made by the employee; the Benefits Office will contact these employees individually.
  3. TSA: In any pay period where pay is not received, no TSA reduction can be made. Employees may adjust their TSA amounts at any time under current IRS rules.
  4. Substitution of other leave types: While on LWOP, the employee is not eligible to use other types of leave.
  5. Revocability: Both the employee or the supervisor may revoke the LWOP. Any revocation must be made in writing and approved using the same process as the approval. The University wishes to be sensitive to changed personal or work needs. For example, it is possible that an employee is approved for an extended LWOP and later discovers that the LWOP will cause a significant financial hardship (perhaps due to changed personal circumstances such as a spouse losing employment, or a large unexpected expense occurring). Or, it is possible that a small office might experience unexpected turnover or an unplanned absence of a co-worker and need to recall the employee on LWOP.
  6. MOSERS:LWOP may have some effects on MOSERS benefits including:
    • Reduced contributions.
    • Reduced service credits if no pay check is received during a pay period.
    • Reduced retirement benefit if the LWOP is during the last three years of employment and these years constitute part of the employee’s 36 highest months of salary.
  7. Unemployment Benefits: Voluntary LWOP does not qualify for UI benefits.

Leave of Absence Without Pay Form
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