employee enrollment

  1. Full and part-time regular employees may enroll in University coursework at a reduced rate. Reduced rates apply only to the primary/incidental fee for all credit bearing courses and for non-credit courses if required for degree completion. General fees are waived for employees. Miscellaneous fees associated with specific courses do not qualify for reduced rates. Early and regular retirees are also eligible to enroll at reduced rates.
  2. Employees will be charged 10% of in-state incidental fees for undergraduate hours and 30% of in- state incidental fees for graduate hours rounded off to the nearest whole dollar. Upon completion of semester course work for each class, employees who do not earn a grade of "C" or better; a "CR" for courses receiving credit; or, a passing grade for a course taken as "pass/fail", will lose their fee waiver for that class for that semester. The previously waived fee will be automatically put on the employee's student account.

    Exceptions are as follows:
    1. Non-degree courses, credit-by-examination or retroactive credit are excluded from the reimbursement program.
    2. Calculation of the fee waiver will be made only after any University scholarships or other University fee waivers are applied. Credit hours completed according to criteria are paid first by scholarship or other funds specifically designated for payment of incidental fees.
    3. Any grade of “I” (Incomplete) will result in the loss of the fee waiver for that course until a regular grade is assigned. If the student completes the course receiving a grade of “C” or better, CR (Credit Only Course) or passing grade (Pass/Fail Course) by the end of the following regular academic semester, the fee waiver will be reinstated. The student must request the grade change verification from the Registrar's Office be sent to Human Resources before the waiver is reinstated.
  3. To receive this benefit, the employee must be employed regular full or part-time and must submit an application form to Human Resources, signed by the employee and their supervisor, on or before the first day of classes for the academic semester in which they are applying for a fee waiver. For the summer semester, the first day of classes will be considered the first day of pre-session summer courses. Applications for fee waivers submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. The application form can be downloaded and printed using the link at the bottom of this page . Employees who drop and/or add a course during an academic semester must inform their supervisor of the change.
  4. Courses should not be scheduled during the employee's scheduled work hours. Exceptions require the supervisor's approval for up to six (6) credit hours during the employee's scheduled work hours. Employee requests to take more than six (6) credit hours during a semester require the approval of both the employee's supervisor and the next level of supervision. Employees requesting to take classes during scheduled work hours should indicate on the fee waiver application form how the work hours missed will be made up such as; rescheduling the work to another time; using vacation leave time; or taking leave without pay. After appropriate approval the employee and supervisor must maintain written documentation of the rescheduled work time.
  5. In the event that an employee's supervisor denies an employee's request to take up to six (6) credit hours during scheduled work hours, the employee may appeal that decision to the division Provost or Vice President. The decision of the Provost or Vice President shall be final and may not be a subject of the University grievance procedure.
  6. When a supervisor requests that an employee enroll in a Southeast course which is directly related to assigned requirements, the time away from work shall be considered as part of the work schedule. Before requesting an employee to enroll in a course, the supervisor initiating the action should discuss with the appropriate Dean or Director the reason and justification for the request, as well as any budgetary implication.
  7. An employee who resigns or whose employment is terminated during the course of the semester and who is using the tuition fee waiver will be charged the pro-rata remainder of the fees for the semester. The pro-rata fee will be calculated by full week (including finals week and breaks) remaining in the semester.


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