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Senior Honors Project

The senior honors research (HN 499) project is your opportunity to study and research a topic that is of interest to you under the direction of a faculty mentor or mentors. You may choose to research a topic in your major field of study, or you may choose to broaden your perspective and research a topic that is outside your major. The essential consideration is that it be a topic in which you are interested and about which you want to learn more. The only requirement for the honors project is that the final product that you submit must be at the senior level in terms of quality. Considerations such as format, length, etc. are determined by the appropriate discipline(s) and your faculty mentor(s). The project will be evaluated as Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory by your faculty mentor(s), where Satisfactory is interpreted as A or B work in a 400-level course. We suggest identifying a faculty mentor or mentors with whom you would like to work and contacting them to exchange ideas about possible projects approximately two semesters before your anticipated graduation.

Examples of recent senior honors projects

“An Evaluation of Pain and Pain Treatment in the Elderly” – Nursing student

“A microsatellite analysis of three Quadrula metanevra populations from the Ozark Plateau in Missouri” – Biology student

“Shuttered Words” - a collection of my writing and photography bound in the body of an old camera – English student

"Toppling Over" - a ceramic piece constructed of multiple thrown elements and fired with advanced glazing techniques – Art student

“Comparing self-assessment skills of typically developed and diagnosed preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder” – Education student

“Fourth grade music students create their own instruments and perform original pieces” – Music education student

“Parental Bonding, Self-Efficacy and Eating Behaviors of Female University Students” – Psychology student

“MARSI---Metacognitive Awareness of Reading Strategies Inventory” – Elementary education student

“Sondheim: Into the Woods” – Musical theatre student

“A Comparison of My Student Teaching Experience in Scotland with that of the United States” – Secondary education student

“Egyptian Religion and Afterlife” – History student

“Analysis of Bacteria Found on Student Room Door Handles” – Biology student

“Debated ‘The United States prison system should significantly focus on rehabilitation’ and ‘argumentation should replace public speaking as a core college course’ ” – Political science student

“Ecuadorian business venture: Starting a business in Ecuador” – International business student

“Solving Linear Wave Equations with Laplace Transforms” – Mathematics student

“Costume design project for ‘On The Verge’ ” – Theatre student

“A study on Shakespeare in Schools: Are Shakespeare's stories and lessons are still relevant in today's classroom?” – English education student


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