United States History (US)

United States History (US)
US 105. American History 1: A study of the history of the United States from the period of discovery to 1900. (University Studies course) (3)
US 107. American History II: United States history from 1900 to the present. (University Studies course) (3)
US 200. Topics In American History: Study of selected topics in American history. (1)
US 220. History of American Folklore: Study of the history, development, sources and traditions of American folklore. (3)
US 225. The History of the Vietnam War: A study of the Vietnam War, with emphasis upon American involvement, 1945-75. (3)
US 350. Colonial America: Colonial period through the American Revolution. (3)
US 352. New American Republic 1789-1840: A study of American political institutions, social systems, and cultural traditions from the ratification of the Federal Constitution to the antebellum era. (3)
US 354. Civil War Era 1840-1896: A study of America as influenced by the Civil War, expansion, and imperialists of the period 1840-1896. (3)
US 356. Progressive America, 1877-1920: Economic, diplomatic, political, and cultural developments in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. (3)
US 358. Modern America, 1945-Present: An analysis of American domestic and foreign policy, focusing on the role of the President since 1950. (3)
US 360. Women in American History: Study of American history from colonial times to present, from perspective of women. (3)
US 400. Topics in American History: Study of selected topics in American history. (1)
US 420.  African-American Slavery:
US 430. American South: Survey of the economic, intellectual, political, and social development of the South from the colonial period to the present. (3)
US 507.  Civil War and Reconstruction:
US 509. American West: Cultural, political and military developments of various frontiers. (3)
US 511. American Diplomacy: Diplomatic affairs and foreign policy from the American Revolution to date. (3)
US 520.  History of American Ideas:
US 522. American Presidential History: An examination of the presidents and the Presidency in terms of personality, institutional evolution and achievements in foreign and domestic policy from 1789present. (3)
US 525. American Urban History: Study of the origins, growth, and historical influence of American cities from the colonial town to the modern metropolis. (3)
US 528. American Economic History: Study of the economic development of the U.S. in its historical perspective. (3)
US 529. History of American Labor: Evolution of the American Labor movement to present. (3)
US 531. American Military History: Study of changing relationships between civil-military authority of warfare and its impact upon democratic institutions. (3)
US 600.Readings in United States History: Selected readings in United States history. Topics will vary according to the areas of specialty of the instructor. (3)
US 620. Studies in United States History: Intensive study and research in United States history. Topics will vary according to the areas of specialty of the instructor. (3)
US 635. American Material Culture: A study of American material culture emphasizing how commonplace artifacts provide historical evidence of the past and the people who made and used them. (3)


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