Historic Preservation (HP)

Historic Preservation (HP)
HP 007. Professional Portfolio Review: Historic Preservation majors pursuing the 57 hour program are required to have a professional portfolio review after completion of the 30 credit hour Historic Preservation requirements. See advisor for details. No credit.
HP 100. Introduction to Historic Preservation: Survey of historic preservation in the U.S.; theory, philosophy, and methods of maintaining the culture of the past. (3)
HP 101-103. Topics in Historic Preservation: Examination of specialized topics or issues in historic preservation. (1-3)
HP 200. Introduction to the Techniques of Local History: Introduction to value, techniques and methods of local history for the preservationist. (3)
HP 391-393. Independent Study in Historic Preservation: Directed individual study of special topics in historic preservation. (1-3)
HP 405. Archives and Special Collections Management: Theories, operational issues and their applications to the organization and administration of archives and special collections in public and private institutions. (3)
HP 410. Museum Studies: History, development, theory, and role of museums. Survey of methods, practices and types of museums to acquaint students with the profession. Prerequisite: HP 100 or consent of instructor. (3)
HP 420. Historic Site Administration: Study of the problems, techniques and administration of historic sites. Prerequisite: HP 100 or consent of the instructor. (3)
HP 450.   Problems in Historic Preservation I, II, III.
HP 500-502. Historic Preservation Internship I, II, III: Professional practicum requiring demonstration of Historic Preservation competency in appropriate settings under the direction of cooperating site administrators and a University coordinator. (3-9)
HP 552 Historic Preservation Field School: Intensive field experience in documenting and preserving the built environment and the historical landscape. (3)
HP 580. History of American Building Materials and Techniques: Survey of architectural styles, building materials, and construction methods with a focus on the 18th and 19th centuries. Two lectures plus a three hour lab period weekly. (3)
HP 585. History of American Architecture: The study of architectural history as material evidence of America's social, cultural, economic, and technological development. (3)
HP 588. Legal and Economic Principles of Historic Preservation: A study of the legal and economic aspects in the procedures for locating, recording and preserving of American's historical, architectural and cultural resources. (3)
HP 601. Independent Study in Historic Preservation: Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. (1)
HP 602. Independent Study in Historic Preservation: Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. (2)
HP 603. Independent Study in Historic Preservation: Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. (3)
HP 620. Techniques of Oral History: Study and practice in designing and carrying out oral history projects. (3)
HP 640. Internship. Graduate internship in Historic Preservation: 150 hours required.  (3)
HP 645. Advanced Projects in Applied History: Individual or group projects requiring knowledge and skill in the field of historic preservation, historic site administration, museum administration, archives administration or heritage education.  Prerequisite:  Graduate with a minimum of 16 hours of graduate coursework completed. (3)
HP 860  Historic Preservation Summer Field School: A workshop for graduate, undergraduate and continuing education students involving intensive field experience in documenting, interpreting and preserving the built environment and the historic landscape. (3)


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