General History (GH)

General History (GH)
GH 007: BA Portfolio Review. Assessment experience required of all Bachelor of Arts-History major. (0)
GH 301-303. Independent Study: Directed individual study of special topics in general history. (1-3)
GH 315.Historiography: Growth and development of historical writing, its methods and interpretations. (3)
GH 415.Senior Seminar in History: Capstone course for the Bachelor of Arts in History, focusing upon the philosophies, methods, and tools of the historian. (3)
GH 520.  Techniques of Oral History: Study and practice in designing and carrying out oral history projects. (3)
GH 600.Introduction to Public History: Guided readings, discussion, and practice in presenting history to audiences outside the academy. Prerequisite: Graduate status. (3)
GH 602. Independent Study in History: Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. (1)
GH 602.Independent Study in History: Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. (2)
GH 603. Independent Study in History: Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. (3)
GH 610. Methods of Research in History: Location, evaluation, and presentation of historical material. Designed to prepare the student for writing research papers and thesis. (3)
GH 651. Problems in Social Studies: (Subtitle will vary.)
GH 652. Problems in Social Studies: (2)
GH 653. Problems in Social Studies: (3)
GH 654. Problems in Social Studies: (4)
GH 678. Issues in Social Studies: An analysis of special problems in teaching history and the social studies in the secondary school. Emphasis on current trends in the social studies curriculum. Prerequisites: A major or minor in history and/or social studies. (3)
GH 694. Thesis: A written report based upon investigation of a subject or the completion of a creative project. See Thesis Plan for additional information. (3)
GH 695. Thesis: Second semester. (3)
GH 696. Thesis: Second semester. (2)
GH 697. Thesis: Second semester. (1)


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