The Bachelor of Arts Degree in History will increase your knowledge of history and help you develop the research, organizational and writing skills necessary for careers in anything from history, to higher education, to business, to law, to journalism, to a variety of other professions. By the time you graduate, were are confident that you will be trained in methods of effective historical research and communication; in how to read, critically evaluate, interpret and discuss historical sources; and in how to set your own goals and chart your progress.

For more information, contact the Department B.A. Advisor, Dr. David Cameron.

Courses & Curriculum

UI100: Student's choice
Artistic Expression: Student's choice
Literary Expression: Student's choice
Oral Expression: Student's choice
Written Expression: Student's choice
Behavioral Systems: Student's choice
Living Systems: Student's choice
Logical Systems: Student's choice
Physical Systems: Student's choice
Development of a Major Civilization: Student's choice
Economic Systems: Student's choice
Political Systems: Student's choice
Social Systems: Student's choice
300 level UI course: Student's choice
300 level UI course: Student's choice
400 level UI course: Student's choice

All Bachelor of Arts majors in History must complete 6 hours in a foreign language of the student's choice. In addition to these six hours in a foreign language, all Bachelor of Arts majors in History must complete 6 hours in one of the following:

Additional Requirements:
  • XXxxx Any one foreign language (6 hours)
Choose one of the following options:
  • XXxxxForeign language (6 hours)
  • PY271 Research Design and Analysis I (3)
  • PY370 Research Design and Analysis II (3)
  • MA134 College Algebra (3)
  • MA223 Elementary prob & Statistics (3)
  • CS120 Intro to Computer Science (3)
  • SO242 Statistics for Social Scientists (3)
Core Courses (6 Hours):
  • GH315 Historiography (3)
  • GH415 Seminar in History (3)
  • GHxxx Senior Portfolio (0)
Extended Core (33 Hours):
  • In addition to the core courses required of all history majors, Bachelor of Arts majors in History must take an additional 11 courses (33 hours). Of these courses, four (12 hours) may, but do not have to be at the 100 or 200 level. A major may choose to fulfill all 33 hours of the extended core with courses at the 300, 400 or 500 level; however, a minimum of seven courses (21) hours must be at the 300, 400 and 500 level. The following courses at the 100 and 200 level may count toward the extended core:
    • Any course falling under the University Studies category of ‘major civilization’ and approved by the department as counting toward the major
    • Any 100 or 200 level University Studies course offered by the Department of History and approved by the department as counting toward the major
    • Any 100 or 200 level course in the areas of United States, World, or European history
    • HP100 (Introduction to Historic Preservation) and HP 200 (Introduction to the Techniques of Local History).
  • For the required seven courses (21 hours) at the 300, 400 and 500 level:
    • One course must be in the area of World History (WH)
    • Two courses must be in the area of United States history (US)
    • Two courses must be in the area of European history (EH)
    • Two courses of the student’s choice (WH, US, EH, GH)
University Studies Courses:
  • The department also offers a number of University Studies Interdisciplinary (UI) courses at the 300, 400, and 500 levels. Some of these courses have been approved by the department to fulfill the requirements of history majors within the areas of World, United States, and European history. As such, any UI course approved by the department may count toward the requirements in these areas. See the BA advisor for the current list of departmentally approved UI courses.
Minor (15-21 Hours):

All Bachelor of Arts Majors in History are required to declare a minor, or a double major, in the subject area of their choice.


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