community service programs

Stay at Home Program

An in home parent-child infant toddler program located in five surrounding counties.

Hoover Eldercare Center

A state licensed adult day center providing adult day care and educational services to senior adults over the age of 60.  The center was estabilished in 1980.

Early Childhood Centers for Training, Research & Education

A unique professional team dedicated to academic excellence through high quality child care and education, student training, research and professional education.  The center oversees the operation of University School for Young Children and the Child Development Center in Sikeston.

University School for Young Children

Our mission is to promote access to higher education through provision of affordable, accessible, quality developmental childcare for university parents and grandparents.  The center is nationally accredited and state licensed.

A.P.P.L.E. Project

Helping Senior adults with Applications, Personal Papers, Legal and Environmental paperwork

Horizons Enrichment Center

A state licensed adult day center designed to encourage independence and community interaction for individuals with special needs who are currently cared for at home or in an assisted living situation. This program provides supportive programming each day by teaching basic life skill lessons, offering a variety of services and providing the opportunity for participants to access community facilities and events.


Scully Building 114
Human Environmental Studies
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