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Our Organizations

What different types of organizations are there?

At, Southeast there are three Greek councils, which are referred to as the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Panhellenic Council, and the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC). The IFC governs and represents the 9 fraternities at Southeast that are part of the National Interfraternity Council. The Panhellenic Council governs and represents the 7 sororities at Southeast that are part of the National Panhellenic Conference. NPHC governs and represents the 6 active historically African-American fraternities and sororities that are recognized at Southeast. In addition, one social sorority that is not a member of any of the three governing councils is active at Southeast. Each chapter has different eligibility requirements and is unique in its membership, tradition, scholarship and social activities.


Order of Omega is a National, Greek Honor society that recognizes the exceptional academic and leadership accomplishments of the Greek community. This honor society represents the top 3% of the Greek community, and all members have leadership positions in their own chapters along with other campus organizations, as well. Throughout the year, Order of Omega is involved with Greek Week preparations and participates in community service opportunities.

To recognize those fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in Interfraternity activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire others to strive or similar conspicuous attainment; To bring together outstanding fraternity men and women to create an organization that will help to mold the sediment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate fraternity affairs; To bring together members of the faculty, alumni, and student members of the institution’s fraternities and sororities on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness

First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Tracy Lange Alpha Chi Omega
Shelly Manion Alpha Chi Omega
Cindy Crumpecker Alpha Delta Pi
Linda Holland Alpha Delta Pi
Peggy Springer Alpha Xi Delta
Jerry Thurman Delta Chi
Tammy Askew Delta Delta Delta
Joseph Low Delta Tau Delta
John Bishop Pi Kappa Alpha
Mark Collier Pi Kappa Alpha
Jim Gleason Pi Kappa Alpha
Lance Pieper Pi Kappa Alpha
Brent Cox Sigma Chi
Tom Howard Sigma Phi Epsilon
Kenny Schene Sigma Phi Epsilon
Beverly Boeneg Sigma Sigma Sigma
Sandy Ginson Sigma Sigma Sigma
Lisa Jett Sigma Sigma Sigma
Lynn Merlo Sigma Sigma Sigma
Jeffrey Lee Sigma Tau Gamma
Luke Bancroft Tau Kappa Epsilon
Michael Budrovick Theta Xi
Lisa Kellerman Zeta Tau Alpha
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Debbie Badger Alpha Chi Omega
Jill Rhein Alpha Chi Omega
Ruth Battle Alpha Chi Omega
Lisa Logel Alpha Chi Omega
Linda Noll Alpha Chi Omega
Kathleen Hollenbeck Alpha Delta Pi
Tracey Arbeiter Alpha Xi Delta
Kristine Vierdag Alpha Xi Delta
Tracy Quaethen Alpha Xi Delta
Susan Hamm Delta Delta Delta
Jenell Shaffer Delta Delta Delta
Amy Sisler Delta Delta Delta
Melissa Tibbs Delta Delta Delta
Ronald Beaton Pi Kappa Alpha
Larry Eby Pi Kappa Alpha
Mark Krapf Pi Kappa Alpha
Aaron Burdine Pi Kappa Alpha
Jeff Dacus Sigma Chi
James Deutschmann Sigma Chi
William Pritchett Sigma Chi
Joseph Mueller Sigma Chi
Ruth Heppermann Sigma Sigma Sigma
Keith Mills Theta Xi
Troy Stehr Theta Xi
Linda Bachman Zeta Tau Alpha
Barbara Mellor Zeta Tau Alpha
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Jeana Johnson Alpha Chi Omega
Dana Walker Alpha Chi Omega
Janae Roth Alpha Chi Omega
Lisa Swift Alpha Chi Omega
Stephanie Huffman Alpha Delta Pi
Jennifer Schertel Alpha Delta Pi
Donna Bartling Alpha Xi Delta
Catherine Kadlec Alpha Xi Delta
Anita DeLisle Delta Delta Delta
Stacey Helbig Delta Delta Delta
Kim Holshouser Delta Delta Delta
Stephanie Meyers Delta Delta Delta
Jay Goff Lambda Chi Alpha
Paul Cochran II Pi Kappa Alpha
Robert Corbett Pi Kappa Alpha
Steven Snyder Pi Kappa Alpha
William Irby Pi Kappa Alpha
Timmeray Porter Pi Kappa Alpha
Dean Cowan Sigma Chi
Mark Nickell Sigma Chi
Janelle Barker Sigma Sigma Sigma
Debbie Gipson Sigma Sigma Sigma
Carey Graham Sigma Sigma Sigma
Steven Kilburn Theta Xi
Rod Whittier Theta Xi
Karen Kaestner Zeta Tau Alpha
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Corrie Aschermann Alpha Chi Omega
Julie Dill Alpha Chi Omega
Cynthia Fox Alpha Delta Pi
Suzan Noel Alpha Xi Delta
Betsy Henson Delta Delta Delta
Shannon Reed Delta Delta Delta
Dave Martin Theta Xi
Jeff Matthews Theta Xi
Meghan Butkovich Alpha Chi Omega
Diana Hulshof Alpha Chi Omega
Katherine Jones Alpha Delta Pi
Theresa Dobson Alpha Xi Delta
Renee Riordan Alpha Xi Delta
Dana Donovan Delta Delta Delta
Kristen Dreyer Delta Delta Delta
Stacey Hill Delta Delta Delta
Steve Nenninger Lambda Chi Alpha
Geoffrey Smith Lambda Chi Alpha
Terry Woods Lambda Chi Alpha
Casey McClendon Pi Kappa Alpha
Geoffrey Parker Sigma Chi
Jody White Sigma Chi
Colleen Moriarty Sigma Sigma Sigma
Wally Loeffelman Theta Xi
Brent Stuart Theta Xi
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Cheri Kaempfer Alpha Chi Omega
Haley Morrison Alpha Chi Omega
Stephanie Vahle Alpha Chi Omega
Tiffany Noiseworthy Alpha Delta Pi
Jean Brady Alpha Xi Delta
Kathryn Taylor Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Brad Grupe Phi Delta Theta
Jeff Danner Pi Kappa Alpha
Brian Hoppe Pi Kappa Alpha
David Krause Pi Kappa Alpha
Lee Ferrell Sigma Chi
Gary Gremminger Sigma Tau Gamma
Curt Buchheit Theta Xi
Jeff Williams Theta Xi
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Jeni Binder Alpha Chi Omega
Melinda Cook Alpha Chi Omega
Amy Dunck Alpha Chi Omega
Elana Min Alpha Chi Omega
Dina Whitledge Alpha Chi Omega
Renee Wiliams Alpha Chi Omega
Jennifer Loeffler Alpha Chi Omega
Holly Maynard Alpha Chi Omega
Sarag Pack Alpha Chi Omega
Kelly Sutter Alpha Chi Omega
Cara Cerny Alpha Delta Pi
Amie Carlson Alpha Delta Pi
Jennifer Coke Alpha Delta Pi
Jessica Hubbard Alpha Delta Pi
Antanio Douglas Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Catherine Caldwell Alpha Xi Delta
Meri Nitzel Alpha Xi Delta
Sueann Strom Alpha Xi Delta
Angel Jamerson Alpha Xi Delta
Darryl Spurlock Delta Chi
Margaret Gross Delta Delta Delta
Jennifer Layton Delta Delta Delta
Jennifer Mabrey Delta Delta Delta
Melissa Ostanik Delta Delta Delta
Margaret Conlon Delta Delta Delta
Shaina Schiwitz Delta Chi
Robert Pool Lambda Chi Alpha
Scott Giles Lambda Chi Alpha
Jeffery Davis Phi Delta Theta
Jeffery Kisslinger Phi Delta Theta
Brian Harthill Phi Delta Theta
James Joyce Phi Delta Theta
Nathan Thomas Phi Delta Theta
Boyd Lumsden Pi Kappa Alpha
Matt Thorn Pi Kappa Alpha
Tim Weston Pi Kappa Alpha
Nick Brunnworth Pi Kappa Alpha
Jason Crowe Pi Kappa Alpha
Matt Craig Sigma Chi
Jason Reyes Sigma Nu
Colleen Brusca Sigma Sigma Sigma
Heather Strothmann Sigma Sigma Sigma
Dawn Bauer Sigma Sigma Sigma
Aimee Bernier Sigma Sigma Sigma
Kelly Floyd Sigma Sigma Sigma
Jason Crowell Theta Xi
Patti Honacki Zeta Tau Alpha
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Kim Dalton Alpha Chi Omega
Daria Drew Alpha Chi Omega
Lisa Weshinskey Alpha Chi Omega
Nichole Starr Alpha Delta Pi
Amy Buessink Alpha Delta Pi
Jennifer Howard Alpha Delta Pi
Vicki Weissert Alpha Delta Pi
Mary Tanurchis Alpha Xi Delta
Jennifer Bertrand Delta Delta Delta
Dena Self Delta Delta Delta
Kimberly Whitworth Delta Delta Delta
Ellen Brenneman Delta Delta Delta
Leslie Nail Delta Delta Delta
Tammy Rivers Delta Delta Delta
Jeff Taylor Lambda Chi Alpha
Roy Van Brunt Phi Delta Theta
William Silliman Pi Kappa Alpha
Scott Stirnemann Pi Kappa Alpha
Bryan Walker Pi Kappa Alpha
Michael Crouch Pi Kappa Alpha
Jeff Rhineberger Pi Kappa Alpha
Darrell Naeger Sigma Chi
Rodney Villhard Sigma Chi
Clay Woemmel Sigma Nu
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Cass Adams Alpha Chi Omega
Kelly Albracht Alpha Chi Omega
Cathy Aufdenberg Alpha Chi Omega
Renae Parr Alpha Chi Omega
Michelle Tomlin Alpha Chi Omega
Crista Smith Alpha Chi Omega
Farrah Barber Alpha Chi Omega
Jill Deardorf Alpha Chi Omega
Traci Hackstadt Alpha Chi Omega
Katy Riley Alpha Delta Pi
Kimberly Speight Alpha Delta Pi
Krista Schaefer Alpha Xi Delta
Julie Schroeder Alpha Xi Delta
Katy Vest Delta Delta Delta
Monica Osman Delta Delta Delta
Melissa Ashby Delta Delta Delta
Corrin Cronce Delta Delta Delta
Lynda Malugen Kappa Alpha Theta
Brent Statler Lambda Chi Alpha
Chris Kirk Lambda Chi Alpha
Jason LeGrand Lambda Chi Alpha
Daren Todd Phi Delta Theta
Josh Ragland Phi Delta Theta
John Russo Phi Delta Theta
Jason Glenn Pi Kappa Alpha
Jeff Hawk Pi Kappa Alpha
Christopher Robertson Sigma Nu
Aaron Pohlmann Sigma Tau Gamma
David Buck Theta Xi
Akella Yeggins Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Jill Donjon Alpha Chi Omega
Jennifer Long Alpha Delta Pi
Mindy Sargent Alpha Delta Pi
Jodie Shelby Alpha Delta Pi
Emily Connaway Alpha Delta Pi
Kelly Leevy Alpha Delta Pi
Elizabeth Sullivan Alpha Delta Pi
Garvin Ambrose Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Kimberly Fallert Alpha Xi Delta
Jennifer Frey Alpha Xi Delta
Anne Hensley Alpha Xi Delta
Hollie Bearden Delta Delta Delta
Micki Pender Delta Delta Delta
Lindsay Piel Delta Delta Delta
Lyndsay Poole Delta Delta Delta
Angie Spavale Delta Delta Delta
Sarah Torretta Delta Delta Delta
Cammy White Delta Delta Delta
Erica Hubbard Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Kenneth Dobbins Honorary Member
Gretchen Weber Honorary Member
Richard Harris Lambda Chi Alpha
Shaun Atkinson Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Jeremy Weber Phi Delta Theta
Jim Mohrman Pi Kappa Alpha
Justin Fajkowoski Sigma Chi
Steve Reisenbichler Sigma Phi Epsilon
Kurt Bliggenstrofer Sigma Phi Epsilon
Kevin Schmeider Sigma Phi Epsilon
Erica Silva Sigma Sigma Sigma
Amanda Black Sigma Sigma Sigma
Andrea Buchanan Sigma Sigma Sigma
Amanda Rainey Sigma Sigma Sigma
Andrew Fozard Theta Xi
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Kelly Lambing Alpha Chi Omega
Jennifer Weilbaecher Alpha Chi Omega
Stacy Brockmann Alpha Chi Omega
Erin Hamm Alpha Delta Pi
Shannon Jackson Alpha Delta Pi
Jill Windisch Alpha Delta Pi
Stephanie Greene Alpha Delta Pi
Andrea Holloway Alpha Delta Pi
Kristi Keith Alpha Delta Pi
Amanda Reece Alpha Delta Pi
Erin Hensley Alpha Xi Delta
Vanessa Schraegle Alpha Xi Delta
Anne Wright Alpha Xi Delta
Julie Schill Delta Delta Delta
Jill Toebben Gamma Phi Beta
Jamie Hampton Gamma Phi Beta
Brian King Lambda Chi Alpha
Brian Kohlberg Pi Kappa Alpha
Andrew Neil Sigma Nu
Travis Partney Sigma Nu
Chris Busken Sigma Phi Epsilon
Thomas Foley Sigma Phi Epsilon
Michael Mauck Sigma Phi Epsilon
Jon Mikow Sigma Phi Epsilon
Nicholas Risch Sigma Phi Epsilon
Jason Ward Sigma Phi Epsilon
Cecelia Annan Sigma Sigma Sigma
Julie Dunker Sigma Sigma Sigma
Kimberly Farris Sigma Sigma Sigma
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Brooke Adams Alpha Delta Pi
Katie McGowan Alpha Xi Delta
Kaylyn Slaughter Delta Delta Delta
Jennifer Bunnow Gamma Phi Beta
Jason Galloway Lambda Chi Alpha
Bryan Schubert Pi Kappa Alpha
Scott Haney Sigma Phi Epsilon
Jacob Lohse Sigma Phi Epsilon
Tara Benson Sigma Sigma Sigma
Rachel Dachroeden Sigma Sigma Sigma
Amy Grass Sigma Sigma Sigma
Kyle Schweiss Sigma Tau Gamma
Nick Wierciak Sigma Tau Gamma
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Lynn Torisky Alpha Chi Omega
Megan Baudendistel Alpha Delta Pi
Erica Paisley Alpha Delta Pi
Amy Pauk Alpha Xi Delta
Kayla Sanson Alpha Xi Delta
Travis Stevens Delta Chi
Marissa Godefroid Delta Delta Delta
Sara Handshear Delta Delta Delta
Carissa Sims Gamma Phi Beta
Kelly Stokes Gamma Phi Beta
Christine Halveland Gamma Phi Beta
Natalie Renn Gamma Phi Beta
Lori Lynn Honorary Member
Derek Ling Lambda Chi Alpha
Ian Breunig Lambda Chi Alpha
John Lee Lambda Chi Alpha
Nicholas Riordan Pi Kappa Alpha
Daniel Schuh Sigma Chi
Terry James Sigma Nu
Jake Risk Sigma Nu
Anthony Cassalone Sigma Phi Epsilon
Kevin Jones Sigma Phi Epsilon
Nathan Burch Sigma Phi Epsilon
Scott Evans Sigma Phi Epsilon
Caroline Mueller Sigma Sigma Sigma
Lee Schlitt Theta Xi
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Jenny Aloisio Alpha Chi Omega
Michelle Marchi Alpha Delta Pi
Elisa Goetz Delta Delta Delta
Candice Coffey Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Erica St. James Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Stacey Stephens Gamma Phi Beta
Amanda Trainor Gamma Phi Beta
Dennis Holt Honorary Member
Brian Benson Pi Kappa Alpha
Brent Jackson Pi Kappa Alpha
John Watson Pi Kappa Alpha
Ongart Kusolpaisit Sigma Nu
John Loesel Sigma Nu
Ryan Ahillen Sigma Phi Epsilon
Ryan Behlmann Theta Xi
Kevin Bray Theta Xi
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Laura Hammond Alpha Delta Pi
Kristi Brunts Alpha Delta Pi
Lindsey Lucas Alpha Delta Pi
Andrea Bono Alpha Xi Delta
Matthew Shekell Delta Chi
Molly Wickenhauser Delta Delta Delta
Jen Clarkston Delta Delta Delta
Nikki Harper Delta Delta Delta
Christina Mathany Delta Delta Delta
Katie Bromeier Gamma Phi Beta
Alicia Shockley Gamma Phi Beta
Scott Johnson Honorary Member
Dennis Holt Honorary Member
Joanna Shaver Honorary Member
Jon Brough Lambda Chi Alpha
David Schmelig Lambda Chi Alpha
Aaron Wright Lambda Chi Alpha
James Wells Lambda Chi Alpha
Joe Gordon Pi Kappa Alpha
John Watson Pi Kappa Alpha
Tony Trotter Sigma Chi
Jerrad Martin Sigma Nu
Andrew Tilmon Sigma Nu
Sean Becker Sigma Phi Epsilon
Adam Schultz Sigma Phi Epsilon
Matt Willett Sigma Phi Epsilon
Christina Belmar Sigma Sigma Sigma
Holly Lamp Sigma Sigma Sigma
Whitney Smith Sigma Sigma Sigma
Sheri Tibbs Sigma Sigma Sigma
Jennifer Belmar Sigma Sigma Sigma
Jennifer Melmar Sigma Sigma Sigma
Tenecia Bryant Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Maranda Ratliff Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Sara Burkemper Alpha Chi Omega
Cheri Bibb Alpha Delta Pi
Alicia Harvey Alpha Delta Pi
Trae Mitten Alpha Tau Omega
Christina Janoski Alpha Xi Delta
Katie LoRusso Alpha Xi Delta
Stacey Pauk Alpha Xi Delta
Kaleena Craft Delta Delta Delta
Rachel Reed Delta Delta Delta
Tammy Perry Delta Delta Delta
Matthew Huber Lambda Chi Alpha
Scott Crean Lambda Chi Alpha
Matt Knickman Lambda Chi Alpha
Christopher Kuykendall Phi Delta Theta
Robert Vollmar Sigma Chi
Michael Heise Sigma Nu
Brian Correnti Sigma Phi Epsilon
Dustin Mayer Sigma Phi Epsilon
Nick McMackins Sigma Phi Epsilon
Jenny Dodson Sigma Sigma Sigma
Aaron Liverar Theta Xi
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Audrey Henckell Alpha Chi Omega
Marti Walker Alpha Chi Omega
Emily Giltner Alpha Xi Delta
Daniel Janowski Delta Chi
Rene Atchison Delta Delta Delta
Stephanie Black Delta Delta Delta
Hannah Winchester Delta Delta Delta
Angela Cicerelli Delta Delta Delta
Brandie Dobynes Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Sara Stonewater Honorary Member
Joe Gholson Lambda Chi Alpha
Tyler Surman Lambda Chi Alpha
Matt Ramshaw Pi Kappa Alpha
Edwin Foreman Pi Kappa Alpha
Edward Beckman Sigma Chi
Dan King Sigma Chi
Scott Kaverman Sigma Nu
Michael Uthoff Sigma Phi Epsilon
Michelle Westcott Sigma Sigma Sigma
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Anna Glueck Alpha Delta Pi
Laura Davis Alpha Delta Pi
Kasey Steffens Alpha Delta Pi
Haylee Hunt Alpha Xi Delta
Andy Weiss Delta Chi
Alexandra Rothermel Gamma Phi Beta
Billy Garrett Lambda Chi Alpha
Blake Brown Pi Kappa Alpha
Mark Wilhelm Pi Kappa Alpha
Robert Muller Sigma Nu
Jason Stockwell Sigma Nu
Kurtis Cappel Sigma Nu
Robert Kaverman Sigma Nu
Eric Johnson Sigma Phi Epsilon
Tim Lucas Sigma Phi Epsilon
Mark Burke Sigma Phi Epsilon
Geoffrey Wester Sigma Phi Epsilon
Blake Essner Sigma Tau Gamma
Andrew Jackson Sigma Tau Gamma
Rafael Pearson Sigma Tau Gamma
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Melissa Quinn Alpha Xi Delta
Brett Maikowski Lambda Chi Alpha
Austin McConnell Lambda Chi Alpha
Nolan Ryan Lambda Chi Alpha
Jackson Seemayer Lambda Chi Alpha
Jared Henrichs Sigma Phi Epsilon
Kyle Starek Sigma Phi Epsilon
Amanda Marchegiani Sigma Sigma Sigma
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Krista Fisher Alpha Chi Omega
Ashley Weder Alpha Delta Pi
Selma Delic Delta Delta Delta
Danielle Healy Gamma Phi Beta
Steven Campa Sigma Nu
Ryan Coleman Sigma Nu
Kyle Denny Sigma Nu
Travis McDonald Sigma Nu
Drew Reilly Sigma Nu
Ben Tiller Sigma Nu
Brian Kelly Sigma Phi Epsilon
Joshua Argast Sigma Tau Gamma
Justin Dumas Sigma Tau Gamma
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Sima Bhakta Alpha Chi Omega
Holli Hoehn Alpha Chi Omega
Kristen Madden Alpha Chi Omega
Cayla Bowen Alpha Delta Pi
Heather Lamplough Alpha Delta Pi
Ashley Stockton Alpha Delta Pi
Steve Backer Lambda Chi Alpha
Tyler Oberlander Sigma Nu
John Schmelzer Sigma Nu
Kevin Frigerio Sigma Phi Epsilon
Julie Belmar Sigma Sigma Sigma
Mitchell Brunson Sigma Tau Gamma
Spencer Day Sigma Tau Gamma
Kevin Magnan Sigma Tau Gamma
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Amanda Kaverman Alpha Chi Omega
Leshay Mathis Alpha Chi Omega
Amanda Graven Gamma Phi Beta
Madeline McKenzie Gamma Phi Beta
Patrick Vining Lambda Chi Alpha
Corey Culbreath Lambda Chi Alpha
Nick Maddock Lambda Chi Alpha
Ryan Manning Sigma Nu
Ryan Wilson Sigma Nu
Zach Santos Sigma Phi Epsilon
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Mary Bauer Alpha Chi Omega
Ashley Harris Alpha Chi Omega
Jamie Norrenberns Alpha Chi Omega
Jill Irvin Alpha Delta Pi
Craig Robinson Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Rachel Embree Alpha Xi Delta
Natalie Ritzheimer Alpha Xi Delta
Madalyn Enzmann Delta Delta Delta
Emily Naumann Delta Delta Delta
Alyssa Oitker Delta Delta Delta
Kathryn Tucker Delta Delta Delta
Sarah Bixby Gamma Phi Beta
Emily Reinitz Gamma Phi Beta
Megan Randolph Honorary Member
Andrew Carrico Lambda Chi Alpha
Benjamin Dorris Lambda Chi Alpha
Gregory Felock Lambda Chi Alpha
Derek May Lambda Chi Alpha
Jacob Lanter Pi Kappa Alpha
Daniel Meier Pi Kappa Alpha
Patrick Enslen Sigma Nu
Matthew Howard Sigma Nu
Andrew Schneider Sigma Nu
Austin Wendt Sigma Nu
Donald Ackerman Sigma Phi Epsilon
Adam Henke Sigma Phi Epsilon
Dakota Reel Sigma Phi Epsilon
Brittni Bunk Sigma Sigma Sigma
Alilcia Heidbreder Sigma Sigma Sigma
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Amber Cason Alpha Chi Omega
Kelly Farrell Alpha Chi Omega
Kelly Holder Alpha Chi Omega
Danielle Langhauser Alpha Chi Omega
Danielle Schmitz Alpha Chi Omega
Annie Schrieber Alpha Chi Omega
Ariel Dahlia Alpha Delta Pi
Maria Delgado Alpha Delta Pi
Nicole Eversman Alpha Delta Pi
Hayley Bohnert Alpha Xi Delta
Katy First Alpha Xi Delta
Elaine Quitos Alpha Xi Delta
Andrew Collins Delta Chi
Sarah Waite Delta Delta Delta
Lacey Balsmann Delta Delta Delta
Sierra Hamlin Delta Delta Delta
Caitlin Silger Delta Delta Delta
Jason Billmeyer Sigma Nu
Weston Blankenship Sigma Nu
Kevin Downs Sigma Nu
Jordan Sammelmann Sigma Nu
Alex Starek Sigma Phi Epsilon
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Chelsea Corpuz Alpha Chi Omega
Lauren Dumey Alpha Chi Omega
Kristy Gruchalla Alpha Chi Omega
Caroline Korbecki Alpha Chi Omega
Tiffany Lee Alpha Chi Omega
Alyssa Miles Alpha Chi Omega
Abbie Redohl Alpha Chi Omega
Alyssa Wedemeyer Alpha Chi Omega
Cassidee Bowen Alpha Delta Pi
Elizabeth Foster Alpha Delta Pi
Caitlin Jasper Alpha Delta Pi
Shelby McCord Alpha Delta Pi
Amy McEvoy Alpha Xi Delta
Alysha McGuirk Alpha Xi Delta
Austin Cordell Delta Chi
Thomas DePriest Delta Chi
Chris Ellis Delta Chi
Kyle Loraine Delta Chi
Jon Murphy Delta Chi
Riley Hale Delta Delta Delta
Stephanie Kolisch Delta Delta Delta
Sarah Cockrell Gamma Phi Beta
Ashley Voney Gamma Phi Beta
Parker Butler Lambda Chi Alpha
Caleb Cockrill Lambda Chi Alpha
Tyler Sayer Lambda Chi Alpha
Blake Besancenez Sigma Chi
Connor Kelley Sigma Nu
Sean Thomas Sigma Nu
Matthew Riley Sigma Phi Epsilon
Sarah Stellhorn Sigma Sigma Sigma
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Kelly Forhan Alpha Chi Omega
Taylor Laws Alpha Chi Omega
Dallas Campbell Alpha Delta Pi
Alexis Hightaian Alpha Delta Pi
Kelsey Orf Alpha Delta Pi
Allison Berry Alpha Xi Delta
Kellie Hanser Alpha Xi Delta
Emily Shashack Alpha Xi Delta
Kirk Comstock Delta Chi
Matthew Glozier Delta Chi
Cole Hartmann Delta Chi
Andrew Miller Delta Chi
Katie Bader Delta Delta Delta
Audrey Buddemeyer Delta Delta Delta
Lindsay Klos Delta Delta Delta
Amy Ries Delta Delta Delta
Katie Shatro Delta Delta Delta
Abbey Stier Delta Delta Delta
Meghan Uthoff Delta Delta Delta
Andrea Cox Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Shannon Kelley Gamma Phi Beta
Justin Robinson Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc.
Douglas Halim Lambda Chi Alpha
Kris Harlow Pi Kappa Alpha
Alayna Dillon-Cox Sigma Sigma Sigma
Rachel Garrelts Sigma Sigma Sigma
Kelsey Irwin Sigma Sigma Sigma
Madeline Reichmuth Sigma Sigma Sigma
Rachel Woodworth Sigma Sigma Sigma
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Abbey Blackwell Alpha Chi Omega
Abby Bailey Alpha Chi Omega
Emma Hoover Alpha Chi Omega
Brooke Colbert Alpha Chi Omega
Kimberly Baich Alpha Delta Pi
Danielle Bridges Alpha Delta Pi
Emily Daly Alpha Delta Pi
Hailey Mouser Alpha Delta Pi
Kristin Ringkamp Alpha Delta Pi
Brooke Trelow Alpha Delta Pi
Hannah Ruffatto Alpha Xi Delta
Matthew Heitkamp Delta Chi
Jilleun Schmitt Delta Delta Delta
Brooke Trott Delta Delta Delta
Lillian Bull Delta Delta Delta
Morgan Lukens Delta Delta Delta
Danielle Peach Delta Delta Delta
Chasity Papenberg Gamma Phi Beta
Claire Simonds Gamma Phi Beta
Lexi Divin Gamma Phi Beta
Emily Fuhler Gamma Phi Beta
Collin Bentley Lambda Chi Alpha
Alex Dunn Lambda Chi Alpha
Matthew Hayes Phi Delta Theta
Zach Koeller Phi Delta Theta
Brad Baker Pi Kappa Alpha
Bryce Boente Sigma Chi
Jordon Hendricks Sigma Chi
Brian Bickmeyer Sigma Nu
Wesley Cox Sigma Nu
Eric Bassett Sigma Phi Epsilon
Brendan Petersen Sigma Phi Epsilon
Angela Backer Sigma Sigma Sigma
Noel Burke Sigma Sigma Sigma
Emily Davis Sigma Sigma Sigma
Jayde Farmer Sigma Sigma Sigma
Brooke Reeves Sigma Sigma Sigma
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Kelli Catron Alpha Chi Omega
Ellie Weilbrenner Alpha Delta Pi
Mary Klueppel Alpha Xi Delta
Samantha Stoll Alpha Xi Delta
McKenzie Doyle Delta Delta Delta
Mackenzie Beck Gamma Phi Beta
Margaret Lester Gamma Phi Beta
Brian Lamb Lambda Chi Alpha
Noah Drone Phi Delta Theta
Blake Hilmes Phi Delta Theta
Brandon Rosner Sigma Nu
Jacob Scott Sigma Phi Epsilon
Julia Kutcha Sigma Sigma Sigma
Kendra Reichling Sigma Sigma Sigma
Ryan Warren Sigma Sigma Sigma
Ellen Gieselman Sigma Sigma Sigma
Ashley Long Sigma Sigma Sigma
Marina Zager Sigma Sigma Sigma
Daniel White Tau Kappa Epsilon
First Name Last Name Greek Organization
Alexis Dilg Alpha Chi Omega
Jordan Fallert Alpha Chi Omega
Emily Hanson Alpha Chi Omega
Olivia Jones Alpha Chi Omega
Alyssa Strauss Alpha Chi Omega
Brooke Anderson Alpha Delta Pi
Jordan Fluegge Alpha Delta Pi
Claire Foster Alpha Delta Pi
Torrie Kruse Alpha Delta Pi
Taylor Pruitt Alpha Delta Pi
Kylie Linkeman Alpha Xi Delta
Julia Mattie Alpha Xi Delta
Emily Snyder Alpha Xi Delta
Lauren Eby Delta Delta Delta
Emma Knight Delta Delta Delta
Margaret Tepen Delta Delta Delta
Josh Ames Sigma Chi
Kyle Denk Sigma Nu
Joshua Derrington Sigma Nu
Ray Killian Sigma Nu
Melissa Bidinger Sigma Sigma Sigma
Kaitlyn Everding Sigma Sigma Sigma
Shannon Kobal Sigma Sigma Sigma

Rho Lambda was founded in 1962 on the campus of the University of Miami to serve as a counterpart to The Order of Omega, which at the time was only open to fraternity members. In 1974, Rho Lambda received permission to become a National Panhellenic Recognition Honor Society. The purpose of Rho Lambda is to honor those women within the sorority community who have exhibited the highest qualities of leadership and service to their Fraternity and Sorority community. These women have furthered the ideals and principles of their sorority and the community throughout their years of sorority affiliation. The Southeast Missouri State University Gamma Gamma chapter of Rho Lambda is looking to recolonize and is recruiting new members to uphold the tradition of excellence and service. The maximum number of members to be elected in any year is 10% of the total Panhellenic membership which is 87 women for Fall 2018.

Rho Lambda Application

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