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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Source: Southeast Missouri State University Faculty Handbook

"The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is an academic service dedicated to enriching the professional development of faculty and equivalent-level staff by providing those individuals with opportunities for research and/or public service. In turn, those activities augment the instructional processes of the University.

By monitoring the current research and development interests of public agencies, private philanthropic organizations, and business, the office provides faculty with an important repository of information which can aid them in their efforts to keep abreast of new trends in virtually any field of study.

The office provides faculty with a central location from which they can seek colleagues from around the campus and the state whose specialized knowledge or talent is needed for a complex research study. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will assist faculty when they seek to identify and contact professional associations. The knowledge and skills of the office director also serve as a valuable asset.

The office provides three types of services: technical assistance, information management, and skill/knowledge development. Technical assistance is given in the proposal preparation phase, the proposal submission phase, and the project administration phase. Information management includes searching for or identifying potential funders, monitoring external events, and communicating that information to the University community. The development of skills and knowledge related to the process of grantsmanship takes place in one-on-one sessions with interested parties, formal events such as workshops, and linkage with individuals whose talents, pooled with the proposal's author(s), might enhance the proposal's chances of acceptance."


920 Broadway, Room 104
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
One University Plaza, MS 0125
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701