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Cayuse Tutorial

Cayuse Grant Software Tutorial
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)

  1. First Time User -- Create Password
  • Visit Southeast Cayuse URL:
  • Click next to prompt "First time signing-in & need a password?"
  • At next screen, type your SE Key into the box for your "username."
  • Check your Southeast email. (If you do not receive an email from Cayuse Technical Support then contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at 651-2018).
  • Click on the hyperlink in the email that was sent by Cayuse.
  • Choose a new password and retype the new password.
  • Log in using your SE Key as your username and your newly chosen password.
  • Proposal Development - Notes for Faculty / Primary Investigator (PI)
  • ORSP staff will download the grant application package, assign you as PI, and authorize your access to the proposal. You will receive an email when access has been authorized.
  • ORSP staff will fill in some of the basic forms and establish a routing queue for the proposal based on your academic division and the nature of the proposal.
  • After you log in as PI, review all information on the Proposal Summary Coversheet and answer all questions under "COMPLIANCE DATA" and "EXPORT CONTROLS." The PI must "Approve" the proposal to initiate internal routing.
  • Internal proposal routing is initiated 10 days prior to the proposal submission deadline. The Cayuse Project Summary Coversheet, Project Abstract, Line Item Budget, and Budget Justification MUST be uploaded in Cayuse before internal proposal routing may begin. Please ensure that the rest of the sponsor required documents are uploaded in Cayuse at least 24 hours prior to the proposal submission deadline. If you need help developing the proposal or finalizing the budget, please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs prior to internal routing.
  • Proposal Routing and Approval - Initiated 10 business days prior to submission deadline.
  • Proposal Routing Queue - PI, ORSP Staff, Controller, Chairperson, Dean, VP for Finance, Provost
  • When you are next in line to approve, you will receive an automated email from the prior approver with a subject line that reads, "Cayuse424 System Notification: proposal awaiting your attention."
  • Click the hyperlink in the email, which will take you to the Cayuse log in screen.
  • Log into Cayuse with your SE Key and chosen password.
  • To view the summary information and budget documents, scroll down the left navigation pane to "Proposal Summary" and click on "summary" then "documents." The Cayuse Project Summary Coversheet and attachments under the "Proposal Summary" heading are for internal routing use only and are not submitted to the sponsoring agency.
  • If ready to APPROVE the proposal, scroll down the left navigation pane and click on "Routing and Approval" under the "Proposal Management" heading.
  • Click the empty box next to your name. This brings up a pop up screen that allows you to enter comments (if desired) and click the "Approve" button. Note: Since this is a web-based system, you may experience significant delay in response time after clicking the "Approve" button. Please do not click the "Approve" button more than once. Your approval has been successful if a black check mark appears in the box next to your name.
  • Be sure to save your action by clicking "sign out" in the upper right hand of the screen.
  • AOR Approval and Submission
  • The PI and all approvers will receive an email when all approvals for the proposal have been secured and the grant is ready to be submitted.

Note for Mac (Apple) Users: Cayuse will only function using the Firefox web browser on Mac systems. Free download available at


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