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BA600 Organizational Behavior in Practice

  • Explores challenges in managing organizations and leading employees in a dynamic environment. Covers concepts of applied organizational behavior and usage of leading human resource practices in multiple contexts. (3 credit hours)

BA620 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

  • The course provides an analysis of the types, sources, methods, philosophy of business research and completion of a research project. (3 credit hours)

BA656 Applied Human Resource Management

  • Study of applied human resource management in the field of equal employment law, diversity, recruitment process, training and development, performance appraisals, and employee rights. (3 credit hours)

BA664 Organizational Leadership

  • An investigation of organizational leadership styles and the types of behavior necessary to implement these styles. (3 credit hours)

BA667 Liability Risks in Products and Services

  • The examination of liability laws and how those laws impact American businesses in the production of goods and services. (3 credit hours)

BA657 Applied Research Project

  • Designed to understand the process by which business leaders respond to business problems. Integrates research skills and professional business practices, and provides an opportunity to apply current research skills to a business problem. (3 credit hours)

MG550 Improving Team Performance

  • Investigates team performance and the skills and techniques required to improve team performance. (3 credit hours)

BA521 Issues in Small Business/Entrepreneurship

  • This course focuses upon the critical issues and challenges encountered at different stages in the process of new venture initiation and growing privately-held companies. (3 credit hours)

BA531 Imagination, Creativity and Innovation

  • An investigation of imagination, creativity, and innovation in the context of one’s intrapersonal, interpersonal, social, and organizational environment. (3 credit hours)

BA641 Entrepreneurship: Creating the Entrepreneurial Venture

  • This course emphasizes the entrepreneurial processes and methods for analyzing new venture start-up opportunities, and the marketing, managerial and financial activities needed for successful start-up, growth and harvesting of entrepreneurial business ventures. (3 credit hours)

BA551 Managing and Growing New Ventures

  • An investigation of fundamental business concepts in the context of successfully launching and managing a new venture. (3 credit hours)

BA561 Business Planning for New Ventures

  • Entrepreneurial analysis with a primary emphasis on strategic and business planning for a new venture; an applied course where students develop comprehensive business plans. (3 credit hours)

BA661 External Environment of Business

  • Study of the competitive, economic, legal, regulatory, political, technological, international and socio-cultural environments in which American businesses operate. (3 credit hours)

BA662 Contemporary Issues in Business

  • Introduces students to current research on contemporary business issues and questions. Students will be expected to read, understand, and critically evaluate research and analysis on contemporary issues and demonstrate an understanding of how research and analysis affect proposed solutions or responses to these issues or questions. (3 credit hours)

BA671 Business Topics Seminar

  • Special business topics typically unavailable in the graduate business curriculum; may be taken only once. (1-3 credit hours)

MG560 International Management

  • Economic, cultural, political, and environmental variables of international management. Includes trends, organization for international operations, international management of human resources. (3 credit hours)

MG562 Organizational Theory and Design

  • Organizational purpose, design, structure, bureaucracy, power and politics; impact of external environmental and internal organizational factors on structure and design. (3 credit hours)

MG566 Legal and Union Issues in Human Resources

  • Covers the human resources activities topics of employment law and labor relations. Emphasis is placed on the impact of case law and union activity on organizations. (3 credit hours)


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