Program Details

Minimum admission requirements: Bachelor’s degree, undergraduate grade point average of 3.00 or above on a 4.0 scale (overall or in last 60 hours), and submission of test results from GRE or GMAT or proof of active healthcare practitioner licensure. A committee will make decisions on approving applications to the program.

Required Courses:
HA658 Internship in Healthcare (18 hours in this degree completed)
BA600 Organizational Behavior in Practice (HA300 or MG301)
BA656 Applied Human Resource Management (HA300 or MG301)
HA620 Methods to Methodology (PY271)
HA657 Applied Research Project in Healthcare (18 hours in this degree completed)
HA681 Health Administration Policy

Options (Choose 1)

Communications (not available online)
HA585 Marketing for Health Services Organizations (HA300 or MG301) 

PY555 Health Psychology 
SC560 Organizational Communication 
HL672 Health Promotion Programs

Quality and Patient Safety
HA520 Introduction to Healthcare Quality (HA300 or MG301)
HA525 Advanced Healthcare Quality (HA520)
HA530 Introduction to Patient Safety (HA300 or MG301)
HA535 Advanced Patient Safety (HA530)

Informatics (requires MI375 or equivalent prerequisites)
HA540 Healthcare Informatics (MI375 and HA300 or MG301)
HA545 Healthcare Database Systems (MI375 and HA300 or MG301)
BA630 Integrated Decision Information Systems (MI375 and HA300 or MG301)
HA520 Introduction to Healthcare Quality
Choose 1:
MG575 Information Technology Management (MI375 and HA300 or MG301)
OR CY501 Cybersecurity (CS155)

EC585 Healthcare Economics (EC215)
HA510 Healthcare Operations (HA300 or MG301)
HA581 Health Administration Policy (HA300 or MG301)
HA550 Risk Management
HA582 Healthcare Budgeting and Reimbursement (HA300 or MG301)

Choose 5 courses from options. At least 3 options must be represented

Minimum prerequisite courses: (all prerequisites require a C or better grade)
MG301 Principles of Management or HA300 Introduction to Healthcare Management
PY271 Research Design and Analysis I OR equivalent statistics course
Informatics option, if selected will require MI375 and if select CY501, a prerequisite of CS155 is required.


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Office of Graduate Business Studies
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Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701