The Graduate Council has the primary monitoring and policy responsibility for graduate studies. Under the leadership of the Provost, who serves as chairperson, the council has primary responsibility for initiating, reviewing, and coordinating policies which affect graduate education. While the council has a primary leadership function, the responsibility for the design and modification of graduate programs rests with the departments.

Council Membership

As representatives of the graduate faculty, members are expected to have sufficient knowledge of graduate studies to enable them to protect the autonomy of department offerings and provide responsible self-government within University-wide policies and procedures in graduate studies. Members must be regular appointees to the graduate faculty and be elected by the graduate faculty in their respective college/school to serve terms of three years.

Membership on the council is composed as follows

Designated Liaison Officers

The Provost and the chairperson of the Academic Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate.

Graduate Student Representatives

Graduate students will have representation on the Graduate Council. Graduate student representatives will be invited to serve based on nominations by members of the Graduate Council.

Faculty Representatives

There will be two members from each college/school elected by the graduate faculties of the respective colleges for three-year terms.

Additionally, any college/school accounting for more than twenty-five percent of the total graduate credit hours produced during the preceding calendar year will be entitled to elect two additional representatives to the Graduate Council for each twenty-five percent of total graduate hours produced.

The Graduate Council will be chaired by the Provost and will elect a Vice Chairperson annually.


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