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First Year Introductory Course

Catalog Description

An academic skills-centered seminar which introduces students to the General Education Program and the value of liberal education while addressing one of a variety of themes. See First Year Experience web site for themes ( Required of all students entering the university with fewer than 24 credit hours.

Course Content

This course is designed to equip students with skills and intellectual dispositions which will enable them to succeed in their academic careers. Primary focus will be placed on the ability to locate and gather information, the ability to engage in critical thinking, and the ability to express oneself orally and in writing. Each section of the seminar will address a particular interdisciplinary theme, a topic or body of knowledge which students approach for the purpose of developing their skills in acquiring and using information. The theme provides a context for academic investigation and student self-expression.

Because UI-100 serves as the introduction to Southeast's General Education Program, it also leads students to explore the value of liberal education and to understand the goals and structure of the General Education Program which constitutes a significant portion of their undergraduate experience. While learning about General Education and academic planning, students will also explore career options related to academic majors they are interested in and learn how to connect academic planning and career planning.

Nature of Course

The First Year Seminar is not a lecture course designed to acquaint students which technical information concerning a particular academic subject. UI-100 is an activities-based course which requires students to engage in individual and small-group learning projects. The interdisciplinary nature of the themes in UI-100 requires students to conduct research activities using information technology, to approach new knowledge in an open-minded yet analytical fashion, and to develop strategies for independent decision-making.

While specific course projects will vary according to the announced theme and students may select themes which appeal to their personal or professional interests, all sections of UI-100 will address common goals and will perform similar academic inquiry and critical thinking exercises.

Student Expectations

Students will perform research-based written and oral presentations, both formal and informal, engage in critical thinking activities, conduct library and/or web-based investigations, reflect on the meaning and value of a liberal education, and prepare long-term and short-term academic plans of study based on career goals. Because the seminar format relies on small-group collaborative projects and whole-group discussion activities, class attendance and participation are essential.





Credit Hours



Academic Hall 132

General Education Program
One University Plaza, MS 3400
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701