spanish internships

  1. Catalog Description and Credit Hours of Course:
    Work experience using Spanish in a professional setting in a business or agency. (3 credit hours)
  2. Prerequisites:
    Declared Spanish major;
    Junior standing, with completion of a minimum of 24 credit hours in Spanish;
    Minimum overall GPA of 2.5 and a GPA of 3.0 in Spanish;
    Approval of the Department of Modern Languages, Anthropology and Geography.
  3. Purposes and objectives of the course:
    To provide exceptional Spanish majors with the opportunity for professional work experience using Spanish language skills;
    To provide the opportunity to work with professionals in the field;
    To provide students with additional preparation for employment or admission to graduate schools.
  4. Expectations of students:
    To complete a minimum of 120 work hours in the business or agency;
    To complete all work agreed upon by the course instructor and the field supervisor;
    To keep a weekly journal with a record of activities;
    To complete required outside readings which supplement the work experience;
    To participate in meetings with the course instructor;
    To submit to the instructor a final course project evaluating and integrating all aspects of the experience.
  5. Expectations of the Instructor:
    To maintain contact with the field supervisor in order to coordinate the work of the intern;
    To coordinate outside readings with the activities of the intern;
    To meet regularly with the intern for progress reports and discussions of readings;
    To review the student's journal on a regular basis, evaluate the course project, and assign a grade.
  6. Course Content or Outline:
    Course content varies with the internship setting. Course content is established by the field supervisor in conjunction with the course instructor. Activities may include reading and/or translating material in the foreign language, writing summaries, providing telephone communication, and completing other foreign language tasks as needed by the host business or agency.
  7. Textbook:
    No textbook is required. Materials needed vary according to the work setting. students are required to read outside material which they may purchase or obtain from the library.
  8. Basis for Student Evaluation:
    Evaluation of field supervisor-35%
    Participation in discussion of readings-20%
    Student's journal-20%
    Final course project-25%
  9. Application Process:
    Students with exceptional language skills are eligible to apply for internships as they become available. Students must complete an Internship Application available in the Foreign Language Department. Acceptance is based upon the student's language proficiency, academic record, and recommendations by professors. Final determination depends on matching a student's skills and interests with the needs of a business or agency.


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