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Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant

The Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant is a new financial aid program for adults who are entering college for the first time, or who have some college credit. The Fast Track grant can be used to pursue a certificate, degree, or industry-recognized credential in an area designated as high need for the state of Missouri.

Who is eligible for The Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant?

  • Missouri residents who are 25 years or older or have not been enrolled in any school within the last two years
  • Have not earned a bachelor's degree
  • Enroll at least half-time
  • Earning no more than $80,000 filing jointly, or no more than $40,000 per year as a single tax filer

How do I apply?

  • Choose from 35 eligible academic programs at Southeast. Many of these programs are also available at Southeast campuses in Kennett, Sikeston and Poplar Bluff and through Southeast Online.
  • Complete the Fast Track application in the State Student Financial Aid Portal. Find the Fast Track application listed under the "Estimate Eligibility" tab. Choose the academic year and scroll down to apply.
  • Complete a self-certification form for each disbursement. Email the form to:
  • Complete the FAFSA each year you are enrolled (or are planning to enroll) in college. Individuals interested in receiving Fast Track for the 2020-21 academic year will need to complete the 2020-21 FAFSA, using tax information from 2018.

Which programs are eligible for Fast Track?

What is the amount of the Fast Track Grant?

  • The Fast Track grant is designed to ensure, when combined with other governmental financial aid, that tuition and fees are fully covered.
  • Awards will be for any remaining tuition and fees not covered by other state and federal student aid programs.
  • For individuals for which other aid covers the full tuition and fee costs, students are eligible for an award of up to $500 to cover other education-related expenses.

Where can I learn more about this program?

Missouri Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development

Office of Admissions
Brooke Lockhart
Phone: 573-651-2957

Student Financial Services
Phone: 573-651-2253

Southeast Online
Daniel Morris
Phone: 573-651-2766