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Family Studies

Family Studies Video

Becoming Career Ready

  • Qualified faculty interact one-on-one with students in face-to-face and online classes.
  • Graduates of the program are prepared to work in a wide variety of settings, including corporate, government, mental health, and social service. Examples of job titles are parent educator, marriage and relationship educator, prevention specialist, advocacy agent, geriatric specialist, program director, victim assistance worker and case manager.
  • Family Studies majors gain an in-depth understanding of family structures, dynamics / interactions, and development across the lifespan.
  • Majors develop skills in assessing, creating and implementing interventions to improve family interactions and teaching educational content related to parenting, romantic relationships, and life skills.
  • 100% of Southeast programs offer real-world experience. Students in the program are trained to work with a wide variety of populations and gain hands on experience in one of our three state licensed centers that serve children, seniors and developmentally disabled adults. In addition, students gain work experience through placement in community agencies and programs serving young children and parents, pregnant teens, senior adults, and lowincome families.
  • The path to a successful career starts with you! You can maximize your career development by working closely with Career Services and Southeast faculty – they are here to help you connect your passions, interests and skills to jobs and opportunities in the field. Career Services provides professional career counseling and coaching, resume critiques, practice interviews, job search strategies, career events, networking opportunities and more.

CF 102 Relationships in the 21st Century
CF 120 The Child: Conception through Adolescence
CF 206 Introduction to Gerontology
CF 207 Gerontology Practicum I
CF 209 Intro to Family Theories
CF 213 Family and Community Resources
CF 220 Young and Middle Adulthood
CF 340 Family Law, Policy and Advocacy
CF 360 Family Life Education
CF 402 Relationships of Commitment
CF 405 Family Life Education Practicum
CF 430 Parent – Child Interactions
CF 485 Family Studies Senior Seminar
CF 520 Professional Ethics and Practice
CF 565 Family Services Internship
ED 535 The Trauma Informed Professional
FE 200 Family Resource Management
UI 303 The Female Experience
UI 455 Understanding Men/Male Development
UI 445 Social Perspectives of Human Sexuality

CF 102 Relationships in the 21st Century
CF 209 Intro to Family Theories
CF 430 Parent-Child Interactions
CF 402 Relationships of Commitment

Choose 1 from the following Developmental Courses:
CF 120 The Child: Conception through Adolescence
CF 220 Young and Middle Adulthood
CF 206 Intro to Gerontology

Pre-Counseling Track (Optional):

Completing the pre-counseling track will fulfill the minor requirement.
CF 209 Introduction to Family Theories (3)
CF 402 Relationships of Commitment (3)
CF 430 Parent-Child Interaction (3)
CF 520 Professional Ethics amd Practice (3)
ED 535 The Trauma Informed Professional (3)
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology (3)
PY 440 Abnormal Psychology (3)
PY 441 Introduction to Clinical Psychology (3)
PY 442 Psychotherapy (3)
PY 444 Childhood Psychopathology (3)
PY 495 Internship in Psychology (3)
CF 565 Family Service Internship (3)


Southeast's Family Studies program is an accredited Certified Family Life educator program. The National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) oversees that our program includes coursework which follows the standards and criteria needed for students to become Provisional Certified Family Life Educators. Fore more information visit the NCFR website.