Resolution 11-04 Summer 2011 Teaching Assignments

Resolution 11-04 Summer 2011 Teaching Assignments


FACULTY SENATE Resolution 11-04

Approved by the Faculty Senate
May 4, 2011

Faculty Compensation Committee Resolution Concerning Summer 2011 Teaching Assignments

WHEREAS, significant changes have been proposed concerning policies regarding summer teaching assignments and maximum teaching assignments, and

WHEREAS, we believe more time is necessary to consider such significant change properly, and

WHEREAS, data about the impact of the proposed changes would greatly improve the decisions making process

IT IS RESOLVED that for the Summer Session 2011, the maximum teaching load limitations stated in the Faculty Handbook be suspended and that in the interest of serving students in online courses the maximum faculty teaching assignment for the summer session be increased from 16.5% of base salary to 33% of base salary.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that next years' Executive Committee shall analyze the results of these changes, specifically the potential impact on fall and spring enrollments and the potential impact of equity of summer teaching assignments between and /or among faculty. Further the Executive Committee will make specific recommendations on any necessary or appropriate Faculty Handbook changes.