Resolution 09-04 - Summer Salary 2010

Resolution 09-04 - Summer Salary 2010



Passed December 9, 2009
Amended and passed by the Senate February 3, 2010


BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the following be transmitted to the President as the Faculty Senate proposal regarding faculty salary for the Summer 2010 term:

Summer 2010 Salary Recommendation

The following is the Faculty Senate recommended salary structure for courses to be taught during the summer sessions of 2010.
1.Salary for one credit hour will be calculated as 0.0275 of base annual salary.
2.For courses but not internships, a prorated salary based on the number of students enrolled in a course will be used with that salary determined by dividing the number of students by 12 for undergraduate classes and by 10 for graduate classes with a minimum prorated salary of 50%. An example table follows.

Undergraduate Graduate
# Enrolled Students Percent of Salary # Enrolled Students Percent of Salary
6 or fewer* 50 (6/12) 5 or fewer* 50 (5/10)
7 58 (7/12) 6 60 (6/10)
8 67 (8/12) 7 70 (7/10)
9 75 (9/12) 8 80 (8/10)
10 83 (10/12) 9 90 (9/10)
11 92 (11/12) 10 100 (10/10)
12 100 (12/12)

*Only due to changes in enrollment after the low enrollment cancellation date and the salary determination date. Minimums for low enrollment cancellation are defined below.

3.Prorated salary to be set based on enrollment at the last day to add a class for the given summer session or the last day to withdraw from the University for the given summer session with 100% refund, whichever enrollment is higher.

Note:A recommendation for compensation for internships and practicums will be considered at a later Faculty Senate meeting.

Administrative Calendar for Summer Session 2010

February 22-26 –Summer contracts sent to faculty including appropriate provisions based on these recommendations.
April 15 – Deadline for summer contracts to be returned to Office of the Vice Provost
May 3 –All presession low enrollment course sections cancelled
May 17 – Presession off-campus classes begin
May 18 – Presession on-campus classes begin
May 31 –All regular session 1st 4-week, 6-week, and 8-week low enrollment classes cancelled
June 14 – Regular session classes begin
June 28 –2nd 4-week session low enrollment classes cancelled
July 12 – 2nd 4-week session begins

NOTE: Low enrollment defined as fewer than six for undergraduate courses and fewer than five for graduate courses