Resolution 06-01 Procedures for Updating the Handbook

Resolution 06-01 Procedures for Updating the Handbook




Be It Resolved That: The Faculty Senate approves an update for the procedures concerning the Faculty Handbook as follows:

The Faculty Handbook, as approved, will be posted to the internet by the Faculty Senate Office.Approved changes must be accompanied by the completed "Faculty Handbook Notice/Approval of Change or Addition Form" which requires the signature of the Chairperson of the Faculty Senate Documents Committee, the Chairperson of the Faculty Senate and the Provost.

Hard Copy: We recommend that, at the end of each academic year (May-June), five copies of the updated faculty handbook that reflects all the approved changes be printed and a copy be kept at each of the following locations: Kent Library (the reserve desk), Kent Library (archives), the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, and the Senate Office (Johnson Faculty Centre).Necessary soft copies will be provided as required.

Soft Copies: We further suggest that revisions to the handbook during the course of a year be carried out on the computer files and that, in order to keep track of the various versions, the following naming scheme be used for the Word/FrameMaker documents: HBYYYYNN. Here, HB refers to the faculty handbook; YYYY refers to the senate year ending (i.e., 2006 for the senate year 2005-06.); NN refers to the sequence number for indicating the version of the document during a year. For instance, if during 2005-06 there were four updates made to the document, we will be naming these four document versions as HB200601, HB200602, HB200603, and HB200604.The fourth one being the last update, HB200604 will be used for producing the hard copies at the end of May 2006. We suggest that the intermediary files be maintained as soft copies on the computers in the Senate Office.

Sometimes we are interested in seeing what specific changes were made from one version to the next.For this purpose, we suggest that the Track Changes feature be used. For instance, say, the latest handbook document is HB200602 and we wish to revise it for including some approved changes.For this, we will implement the revisions using Track Changes on HB200602 and save this intermediary document that shows the changes made under the name HB200602-03. Once the changes are accepted, we will save the clean version under HB200603.We can trace back the specific changes between version 2 and version 3 using the document HB200602-03.(Note: Track Changes feature is available in FrameMaker as well.)

When a change is made, the following information will be posted to the Log of Changes:

·Date of Change

·Nature of Change

·Location of Change (e.g., "I. E. 2")