Resolution 05-01 By-Laws Concerning Membership Committee

Resolution 05-01 By-Laws Concerning Membership Committee


WHEREAS:because of the full implementation of the recommendations of the ad hoc Faculty Senate Review Committee, the size of the Senate has decreased from approximately forty members to fewer than thirty, and

WHEREAS:the Senate must fully staff and maintain maximum effectiveness of its six legislative committees, and

WHEREAS:the Senate rules require that Senators make up at least fifty percent of each legislative committee, and

WHEREAS:the heaviest workload of the Membership Committee is at the very beginning and very end of the Faculty Senate year, and

WHEREAS:the talents and efforts of the members of the Membership Committee could be of great value if applied to the other legislative committees as well,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED:that Senate By-Law 7.551 be amended in the following manner:

7.551Membership Committee--the membership of the Membership Committee shall consist of one Senator from each of the colleges, schools, and Kent Library, elected by the Senate in accordance with Article VI, Section A (1) of the Faculty Senate Constitution.In addition, the Chairperson and Chairperson-Elect of the Faculty Senate shall serve on the Membership Committee.The chair of the Membership Committee shall be elected from within the committee by its members.Membership Committee members shallcontinue their termsalso serve on other Faculty Senate legislative committees, but they may not be appointed to any other committee while serving on the Membership Committee.The Membership Committee is charged:to recommend changes in the Faculty Senate committee system on the basis of continuing study of the system; to review continuously the Faculty Senate committee assignments to secure equitable utilization of faculty talents and interests; to nominate members of Faculty Senate Committees to the Faculty Senate; to nominate faculty members for positions on University Standing Committees to the President of the University; to be available to the University President for recommendations concerning the organization and personnel of all University Standing Committees; to recommend termination of committee membership for faculty who do not fulfill committee obligations; to conduct all Faculty Senate elections and report the results to the Faculty Senate; to recommend to the Faculty Senate any necessary adjustments in Faculty Senate representation.