Resolution 04-02 The Teacher-Scholar Model

Resolution 04-02 The Teacher-Scholar Model


BE IT RESOLVED THAT:it is the sense of the Senate that “The Teacher-Scholar Model at Southeast” (appended to this resolution) be accepted as a statement that informs the professional work of the faculty.

The Teacher-Scholar Model at Southeast


Under the teacher-scholar model, faculty are challenged to undertake intellectual activity that stimulates teaching and learning, forming an integrated process where various forms of scholarship and service complement teaching.Importantly, the model promotes an environment where teaching fosters continued scholarship, and learning flows naturally from the relationship between teaching, scholarship, and service.For the teacher-scholar, professionalism in teaching, learning, and service is demonstrated in scholarly acts which do not necessarily result in traditional publication yet which are tangible, public and open to review by self, students, colleagues, constituents, and one's disciplinary peers.

1.The quality of one's teaching, whether in the classroom, the lab, the studio, the field, or on the Web, is of paramount importance to the teacher-scholar who continuously evaluates his or her teaching activities for validation and improvement.

2.The teacher-scholar is not only concerned with the means whereby knowledge and skills are imparted to students, but is also a participating member of a broad community of learners related to one's discipline or area of expertise.

3.For the teacher-scholar, participation in a broadly acknowledged community of learners may take many forms, including:

  • the generation of new knowledge,

  • application and dissemination of existing knowledge,

  • integration of knowledge,

  • inquiry into existing knowledge,

  • the production, exhibition, and performance of creative works,

  • and pedagogical research related to one's discipline.

The forms of this participation will vary among disciplines, among faculty, and throughout an individual faculty member's career.

4.The teacher-scholar strives to maintain and integrate appropriate activities that relate to membership in a broader community and those that relate to instruction, such as the use of knowledge to:

  • serve the profession or the University,

  • serve regional, national, or international needs,

  • solve societal problems, and

  • engage in professional consulting.

[Statement developed by Teaching Associates of the Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning]