Resolution 04-01 Revised Mission Statement

Resolution 04-01 Revised Mission Statement


BE IT RESOLVED THAT:The Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University finds the current draft of the Revised Mission Statement to be unsatisfactory, and recommends further revisions so that the document would read as follows:


Southeast Missouri State University provides education in professions grounded in the liberal arts and sciences core, and practical experiences.

The University challenges students

  • to extend their intellectual capacities, interests, and creative abilities,
  • develop their talents, and
  • acquire a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and scholarship.

Students benefit from

  • a relevant, extensive, and thorough general education, professional, liberal arts and sciences curricula,
  • co-curricular opportunities, and
  • real-world experiences.

By emphasizing student-centered, experiential learning, the University prepares individuals to participate responsibly in a diverse and technologically advanced world, and in this and other ways to contribute to the development of the social, cultural, and economic life of the region, state, and nation.


SoutheastMissouriStateUniversity is committed to:

1.Provide excellent academic degree programs with a liberal arts and sciences core.

2.Offer access to diverse educational programs throughout our service region.

3.Serve the social, cultural and economic life of the region, state, and nation.

4.Enhance the University community.

5.Provide high quality facilities and infrastructure that support the broad educational mission.