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Professional Affairs Committee

Professional Affairs Committee
2012-2013 Year-End Report

Members: Brandon Christensen(Chair), Rick Althaus, Kevin Dickson, Ziping Liu, Dixie McCollum, Tiffany Parker, Matt Olsen (Claudia Ruediger)

Summary of Committee Activities:
  1. The committee recommended to the Senate and the Senate passed emeritus/emerita status bills for 8 retiring faculty representing a total of more than 230 years of service to the University.
  2. The committee recommended to the Senate and the Senate passed 9 bills realigning Faculty Handbook provisions into “policy” and “procedures” sections.
  3. The committee worked with the Provost and various other interested parties to draft conflict of interest boilerplate for syllabi.
  4. The committee studied a proposal to change the timeline for Promotion and Tenure committee reviews.
Agenda Items for the year:

From Faculty Senate Chair Ward
Goal 5: Collaborate with Administration regarding RNTT/TT ratios on the main campus and possible procedures related to these ratios. COMPLETED. RNTT/TT policy and procedures bills passed by Senate and approved by the board.

Goal 8: 1-Review promotion and tenure amounts, 2-discuss expedited review process for changing department P&T criteria, 3-review proposal regarding P & T calendar.
points 1 and 2 NOT ADDRESSED, point 3 ADDRESSED with no recommendation

Goal 13: Collaboration on faculty workload issues. ADDRESSED in committee and in discussions with administration, issue raised in pay-equity meetings and strategic planning meeting process meetings. More work needs to be done on this issue in the next session

GOALS 17 and 20: Work with Provost to examine policies governing faculty who teach online only.
ADDRESSED. (normal hiring, oversight, and P and T policies apply. There is no intention by the administration to create an ‘online only’ faculty type)

Directive to amend and re-submit Research on Human Subjects policy and procedures bills. COMPLETED. Amended Human subjects policy and procedures passed by the Senate and signed by the President

Recommended agenda from past committee-Chair, Althaus
Chapter 2 sections D-1 through D-4
COMPLETED. Bills passed by Senate and currently awaiting President and Board approval

Chapter 2 Section D-5
Chapter 2 Sections H1-3
Chapter 3 sections
Chapter 7 A-G, I-K

Recommended Agenda Items for the 2013-14 year:
  • Chapter 2, Sections H 1-3 regarding termination and academic due process
  • Chapter 7 et all, particularly sections A-C on Affirmative Action, Sexual Harassment, and Non-Discrimination
  • Continue to study faculty workload issue particularly in regards to load-credit for large sections, labs or practicums, and advising.
  • As time permits revisit the issue of Departmental Tenure and Promotion criteria, committee structure, and procedures, and their compliance with the Handbook policy.
  • Work with Compensation Committee to consider P and T pay-raise amounts.