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Membership Committee

Membership Committee

Membership Committee End of the Year Report for the 46th Session Faculty Senate

Reporting Chair: Diane L. Wood

The Membership Committee had a very productive yeat and several positive changes occured during the 46th Session of the Faculty Senate. The following is a list of those accomplishments and changes.

  • All Faculty Senate and University Standing committee openings were poplutated.
  • Approximately 22 AQIP or QIP committee openings were populated.
  • Nine senate terms expired this year. Elections were held and completed by the new March 31st deadline with seven returning senators and two new incoming senators, Jeff Luetkenhaus from Theatre and Dance and Susan Wehring from Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Recreation.
  • Due to the work of the Senate and the support of the President and Provost, the following changes have increased the committee members' efficiency in completing their charge.
    a. Change of the timeline for Seante elections
    b. Institution of a one semester quarter time release for the chair of
    Membership Committee
    c. Change of duty requirements of the membership chair by not requiring the
    chair to serve on an additional Faculty Senate Legislative Committee.

As chair of the Membership Committee, I would like to acknowledge the other members of the committee (Larry Bohannon, Don Jung, Willie Redmond, Joyce Renaud, Claudia Ruediger and Sophia Scott) for their support, advice and most important their hard work.