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Membership Committee

Membership Committee

Faculty Senate Membership Committee AY 2010/2011 Year-End Report

Submitted Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The 2010/2011 Faculty Senate Membership Committee consisted of Willie Redmond (Business), Jan Ward (chairperson) (Education), Walt Paquin (Health & Human Services), Claudia Ruediger (Kent Library), Don Jung (Liberal Arts), Sven Svenson (Polytechnic Studies), and Diane Wood (Science & Math).

The Membership Committee conducted the normal business of making recommendations to fill vacancies on Faculty Senate and University Standing Committees. Numerous committee vacancies were filled during the summer and fall 2010 semesters. These committees and the current status of the solicitation process will be itemized below. As University Standing Committee vacancies arose, blanket solicitations were sent out to all eligible faculty members by e-mail using the Faculty Senate News List. A separate solicitation was sent out for each committee and included: a) the college(s) for which vacancies existed; b) the length of the appointment; and c) the charge of the committee. Respondents were then ranked by a vote of all members of the Membership Committee, and the names of the two top candidates by rank were forwarded to the appropriate administrator for selection.

The first chart details the completion of these committees.

University Standing Committee Vacancies-Filled

Committee College/School/Library
AQIP Steering Committee (1) (sent forward 2 names) At-large Faculty Member School of Polyechnic Studies: Doug Koch Kent Library: Victoria Gruzinski
Faculty Advisory Committee for Program Review (1) (1) FS Chair: Sophia Scott
University Commencement Committee (6) Harrison College of Business (1) Nancy LeGrand College of Liberal Arts (3) Gail Overby, Shawn Guiling, Doug Atwood College of Science and Math (2) Candide Walton, Haohao Wang
University Academic Council (1) Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee Chair, Don Jung
University Planning Committee (8) School of Polytechnic Studies: Dan Lauder College of Science and Math: Wai Y. Chen Kent Library: Carl Pracht
Career Development and Job Placement Committee (1) College of Education: Julieta Monteiro-Leitner
University Traffic Appeals Committee

(Sent forward 3 names)
College of Liberal Arts: Patty Sharp and Chris Reiger
Harrison College of Business: Ken Heischmidt

University Athletic Committee (Sent forward 5 names)
College of Education: Nancy Aguinaga and Mary Harriet Talbut
College of Health and Human Services: Kevin Squibb and Debra Schumer
College of Liberal Arts: Ann White
University Campus Planning & Beautification Committee (1) School of Polytechnic Studies: Sven Svenson
University Research Involving Human Subjects Committee (1) College of Liberal Arts: Lesless Pollina
University Textbook Appeals Committee (Sent forward two names)
College of Liberal Arts: Scott Brandhorst and Larry Underberg
ADHOC Committee for Faculty Handbook Revisions (9) Harrison College of Business: Kevin Dickson and Heather McMillan
College of Science and Math: Walt Lily
College of Health and Human Services: Walt Paquin
College of Education: Janice Ward
School of Polytechnic Studies: Sophia Scott
College of Liberal Arts: Rick Althaus and Hamner Hill
Kent Library: Claudia Ruediger

As always, Faculty Senate Legislative and Reporting Committees were also populated and their chairpersons selected by recommendation by the Membership Committee/Senate Executive Committee and confirmation by the Faculty Senate.

Faculty Senate Department Unit Representative Elections

In addition to making various committee membership recommendations, the Membership Committee also initiated, oversaw, and confirmed the outcome of Senate representatives and/or alternates for thirteen departmental units during the spring 2011 semester. The results of these elections are reported below.

Faculty Senate Election Results

Accounting Senator: Charles McAllister Alternate: Debbie Beard
Agriculture Senator: Julie Weathers Alternate: Sven Svenson
Chemistry Senator: Marcus Bond Alternate: Rachel Morgan Theall
Communication Disorders Senator: Joyce Renaud Alternate: Martha Cook
Computer Science Senator: Ziping Liu Alternate: David Naugler
Economics/Finance Senator: Willie Redmond Alternate: Ben Dow
Elementary, Early and Special Education Senator: Larry Bohannon Alternate: Shonta Smith
English Senator: Stephanie Chamberlain Alternate: Christopher Reiger
Mathematics Senator: Candide Walton Alternate: Hao Hao Wang
Mass Media Senator: Don Jung Alternate: Ann White
Nursing Senator: Desma Reno Alternate: Brenda Johnson
Psychology Senator: Doug Atwood Alternate: Shawn Guiling
Social Work Senator: Tiffany Parker Alternate: Jack Stokes

Submitted by Janice Ward, Faculty Senate Membership Chair