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Membership Committee

Membership Committee

Faculty Senate Membership Committee AY 2009 Year-End Report

Submitted Wednesday April 29, 2009

The 2008-2009 Faculty Senate Membership Committee consisted of Willie Redmond (HCB), Jan Ward (CoE), Carol Veneziano (HHS), Marc Strauss (CLA), Jim McGill (chairperson, CoSM), Julie Banks (KL), and Sophia Scott (SPS).

Committee Appointment Recommendations

The Membership Committee conducted the normal business of making recommendations to fill vacancies on Faculty Senate and University Standing Committees. Numerous committee vacancies were filled during the summer and fall 2008 semesters, and several vacancies remain to be filled at the close of the spring 2009 semester. These committees and the current status of the solicitation process will be itemized below.

As University Standing Committee vacancies arose during the year, blanket solicitations were sent out to all eligible faculty members by e-mail using the Faculty Senate News list. A separate solicitation was sent out for each committee and included a) the college(s) for which vacancies existed; b) the term length of the committee appointment; c) the charge to the committee; d) a brief description of the recommendation and selection process; and e) two evaluative questions:

1. Briefly, why are you interested in serving on this particular committee?

2. Do you have any experience or expertise that makes you a particularly suitable candidate to serve on this committee?

Respondents were then ranked by a vote of all members of the Membership Committee, and the names of the top two candidates by rank were forwarded to the appropriate administrator for selection.

Vacancies were filled on the following University Committees: Academic Council (1), AQIP Steering Committee (1), Campus Planning and Beautification Committee (1), Grievance Committee (3), Strategic Enrollment Management Task Force (1), University Athletic Committee (2), University Commencement Committee (6), University Equity Issues Committee (6), University Planning Committee (2), University Student Affairs Committee (1), University Textbook Appeals Committee (3), and University Traffic Appeals Committee (2).

As always, Faculty Senate Legislative and Reporting Committees were also populated and their chairpersons selected by recommendation of the Membership Committee and confirmation by the Faculty Senate.

Approximately 19 vacancies on University Standing Committees remain to be filled and are detailed in a table at the end of this report.

Faculty Senate Department Unit Representative Elections

In addition to making various committee membership recommendations, the Membership Committee also initiated, oversaw, and confirmed the outcome of elections of Senate representatives and/or alternates for ten departmental units during the spring 2009 semester. The results of these elections are reported below.

Faculty Senate Election Results


Alan Journet (Diane Wood)

Educational Leadership and Counseling

Jan Ward (Verl Pope)

Foreign Languages and Anthropology

Daniel MacLeay (Gabrielle Eckart)

Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Recreation

Seidu Sofo (Daniel Beard)

Human Environmental Studies

Victor Wilburn (Mary Elizabeth Ambery)

Middle and Secondary Education

David Powell (Alberta Sautter)


Brandon Christensen (Jim Sifferman)

Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion

Rick Althaus (Al Hayward)

Theatre and Dance

Phil Nacy (Jeff Luetkenhaus)

Chemistry (resignation; 2 yrs remain in term)

Bruce Hathaway (Rachel Morgan Theall)

Remaining University Committee Vacancies (2 names needed for each vacancy)


College/School/Library (# of vacancies)

# of names

AQIP Steering Committee

At-large faculty member (1)*

Faculty Senate member (2)



Faculty Advisory Committee for Academic Program Review

New FS Chair: Stephanie Chamberlain


University Commencement Committee

Harrison College of Business (2)

College of Education (2)

College of Health and Human Services (3)

College of Liberal Arts (3)

College of Science and Mathematics (3)

School of Polytechnic Studies (1)







University Academic Council

New FS Academic Affairs Committee Chair (1): TBD


University Student Affairs Committee

College of Education (1)

College of Health and Human Services (1)



University Planning Committee

New FS Chair: Stephanie Chamberlain

New FS Chair-Elect: To be determined

New FS Membership Committee Chair: TBD


# of names indicates number of candidates already identified for the vacancy