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Johnson Faculty Center Board

Johnson Faculty Center Board

April 25, 2007

The Johnson Faculty Center Board met twice during the year (including a final meeting scheduled for April 30, 2007). The committee discussed updates that need to be done on the house, as well as adjusting the benefits of becoming a member of the Johnson Faculty Center. As of right now, there no longer appears to be any benefit available to members that is not available to nonmembers. This will be examined and suggestions made that should be implemented before the Fall 2007 mailings soliciting membership in the JFC. Use of the JFC was discussed along with membership, and Michelle Irby will provide the Board with a list which details JFC use over the last year. Student groups frequently use the JFC because they can bring in their own food rather than use Chartwells. The JFC is scheduled through central scheduling and no one is asked whether or not they are members of the JFC, and members have no special priority in reserving any room at the JFC.

The JFC has about $6-8000 that could be spent on improvements in the house. After the committee walked through the house and discussed problems with both Dana and Paula, Martha Zlokovich and Skip Smith met with Scott Meyer, Director of Facilities Management, and Terry Major, Custodial Grounds & Support Services Supervisor, on February 2, 2007 to walk through the JFC. The Board asked that Facilities Management provide us with a cost estimate for the list of proposed maintenance jobs and upgrades so that the Board could prioritize how the available money might be spent, as well as to get started on some maintenance problems that needed to be taken addressed. Lisa Howe was later assigned to the project and is currently working with the Board. Changes already completed include:

  1. Install wireless internet connection throughout the entire building. This is available to any faculty who wish to stop by during the day with their laptop computer. Use your SE Key and password as you normally do to access the internet. Dana will be able to obtain a new Username and Password for each suite guest.
  2. Try to determine source of peeling paint on wall in North Suite living room and repaint damaged area.
  3. Buy matching silverware and dishes for the two suites.
  4. Begin spring yardwork. A student group has agreed to adopt the JFC gardens.
  5. Provide hanging clothes closet for south suite. An armoire that matches the furniture in the suites has been ordered from Hutson's to replace the few hooks that are the only hanging space there. The hooks will be removed and the armoire placed there. Cost about $900 but Facilities Management may work out a cheaper price for us.

Changes yet to be done but still under consideration are:

  1. Install an oven, dishwasher, new sink in the basement kitchen. Estimated cost: $1606-1735. Part of cost estimate is electrical wiring for oven at $500.
  2. Build a cabinet for linens and cleaning supplies at the top of the stairs (suite level) to replace the oversize cabinet there currently. This should be done to minimize the room taken up by the cabinet in that small area at the top of the stairs, and should match the architectural style of the house. The current one looks out-of-place and there is concern it may even be fire safety hazard. The University staff will not have the time or resources to build this cabinet as they are still working on the River Campus. Estimated cost of contractor-built cabinet: $1000.
  3. Address issue of only one suite having access to the thermostat. Installing individual units in each room would cost $20,000 so other ideas need to be explored.
  4. Clean gutters
  5. Paint soffits
  6. Paint inside window trim on third floor.
  7. Install dimmer switches in suite bathrooms at sinks/vanities.
  8. Add lighting (it's dark) in the north suite bedroom area.
  9. Change single pane windows (i.e., not energy efficient) or add storm windows.
  10. Check third floor climate control up on third floor
  11. Purchase iron furniture for the gazebo (black iron is the University “motif” but a more traditional style would work better than the tables and benches by the UC).