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Johnson Faculty Centre Board

Johnson Faculty Centre Board

Annual Report, April 5, 2006

The Johnson Faculty Center Board of Directors consisted of Michael Dean, Kevin McMeel, Janice Ward, Ed Buis, Craig Roberts, Jim Champine, David Smith, and Michael Cobb (Chair).The Board met on November 16 at the JFC for the annual meeting.Michael Cobb, Kevin McMeel, and Michael Dean were in attendance.

Paula Cunningham, the JFC administrative assistant, requested funds to purchase a new flat screen monitor.Although lacking a quorum the committee voted to purchase the monitor and a follow up email was made to the rest of the committee.Since no objections were raised the monitor was purchased.The upstairs apartments were recently refurbished with Foundation funds and a brief tour was conducted.

The annual JFC open house was conducted on December 2 and was well attended by faculty, staff, and the administration.

Later in the second semester some damage occurred to an end table while the apartment was rented out by a staff member.Usage policies were reviewed as well as damage accessed and it was decided to take no action at this time.

Current policy allows all faculty and staff to rent the apartments and there was some discussion about limiting future use to faculty and official University use only but no further action was taken.It appears that some staff are using the apartments for visiting relatives as an alternate to local motels.This might be an agenda item for the next Board of Directors.

Paula reported that the apartments brought in over $4,000 which is near the target goal for generated income.The center finished out the term with $5,562 in the operations budget.