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Johnson Faculty Centre Board

Johnson Faculty Centre Board

To: Susan Swartwout, Faculty Senate Chair

From: James Champine, 2004-5 Johnson Faculty Centre Board of Directors Chair

Date: April 19, 2005


The 2004-5 Johnson Faculty Centre Board of Directors consisted of Jim Champine* (designated Chair as Chair elect of the Senate), Susan Swartwout* (ex-officio), Bruce Hathaway* (ex-officio), Kathy Ham, Frank Nickell, Ann Gifford (on leave), Ed Buis, Craig Roberts, Kevin McMeel, and David Smith*. *Faculty Senators.

At the October 1st meeting Kevin McMeel volunteered to serve as Chair-elect of the Borad of Directors. Craig Roberts agreed to act as Chair of the House Committee, a second committee that represents the members. At the November 5th “October Meeting” Sonya Davis and Ken Surendran agree to serve on the House Committee.


Membership rose from 21 to 37. A campus e-mail address list of the members was compiled.


The Board of Directors met on October 1st to elect officers and discuss issues related to the Centre. A suggestion was made to draft Angela Meyer as staff representative and utilize her expertise in design with regards to the centre. The date for the fall membership meeting was set.

On November 5th a meeting of the membership was called as proscribed in the by-laws. Various members discussed ways in which the house is currently used, and ideas to increase participation by the University community. One suggestion was to develop a JFC webpage that would describe the possible uses, history, a calendar, and on-line registration. Another suggestion was to promote better the two events that most people are familiar with – the new Faculty Reception in the fall and the Retirement Reception in the spring. The alcohol policy and the fact that Chartwells now has a liquor license were discussed. The idea of raising usage fees from $20 to $25 received favorable support, but not acted upon.


To date the Centre has taken in $2358 from Facility Usage Fees, $670 from membership fees, and $1940 from Intra University transfers. This meets the Centre goal of $4000 income, and therefore $3750 was transferred to the Operations Budget for the Centre. The current Operations Budget is $6,473.03, which will be used for improvements and furniture replacements (see below).

Plans and Future Considerations

The webpage still needs development.

A meeting of the board of Directors and the House Committee will be called to make plans for improvements. Items identified by Paula Cunningham include:

* Replace patio furniture for the gazebo lost when neighbors moved

* Replace undersized beds in suites

* Re-upholster couches and chairs in guest rooms

* Replace televisions in guest rooms

* Replace carpets in hallways

* Steam clean chairs

The immediate neighbors to the centre have moved. In the past they have been responsible for the lawn and beautiful garden. There is concern for who will take responsibility for this in the future.

Paula Cunningham will continue in her role overseeing the Centre. Planning should be made for the transition of office equipment and space to Academic for the incoming Faculty Senate secretary.