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Johnson Faculty Center Board

Johnson Faculty Center Board


Johnson Faculty Center (JFC)

Board of Directors Meeting

Noon, April 16, 2003

Present:Paul Lloyd (presiding), Ed Buis, Roy Farris, Ann Gifford, Kathy Ham, Frank Nickell, and Raj Somarajan. Also in attendance, Paul Cunningham, JFC Manager & Secretary, and Dieter Jedan.

Absent: David Richter, Giulio Venezian,

The Board meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. by Paul Lloyd, Johnson Faculty Center (JFC) Board of Directors Chair. He provided a brief overview of the agenda and noted that this Board meeting was initially scheduled for October and subsequently has been rescheduled because of recurring conflicts. The structure of the meeting was to provide a view of the history of the Faculty Center to better understand its mandate and to be a foundation for strategic planning. In this regard, Dieter Jedan would present a proposal for a Faculty Club. Dieter started a faculty club at another university and was its inaugural president. The Board would also review the fee structure and JFC budget.

Frank Nickell presented an Historical Overview of the JFC. The concept of a Faculty Club to foster camaraderie, friendships, and community among faculty was developed in the late 1970's and came to fruition in the early 1980's. Faculty gathered information about how Faculty Clubs operated at other universities, visits were made to other campuses, and how to start a Faculty Club was a frequent topic of discussion at the weekly meetings of the Senate Executive Committee with the President and Provost. The JFC current site was selected because of a donation to the University. Larger sites with more parking, the Shivilbine & Greystone Homes on Sprigg Street, were also considered. However, the Johnson House was designated for faculty use as part of the donation agreement, and thus became the home of the Faculty Club. During the past two decades, the JFC houses the Faculty Senate Offices, meeting rooms (the main living room is required by the donation agreement to be named the Bridge Room), provides hospitality for campus visitors in two large suites, and is a place for faculty and staff to gather for social occasions and meals.

Dieter Jedan, chair of the Department of Foreign Languages, Geography, and Anthropology, presented a proposal for a Faculty Club. Dieter was the founder and inaugural president of a faculty club at another university. The basic concept is to fund weekly university faculty wide social gatherings sponsored by the academic departments. Each department would be responsible for arrangements one week during the academic year. The use of Wildwood was raised as a possible alternative site for some of the Faculty Club meetings.

The Board unanimously approved a motion (M-Frank Nickell/S-Ed Buis) to develop a concept proposal for a Faculty Club at Southeast based upon departmental membership

In addition, the Board unanimously approved a motion (M-Ann Gifford/S-Kathy Ham) to change the dues structure for individual JFC membership to $5.00 a year. According to the JFC bylaws, this change in fee structure requires ratification at a JFC Membership meeting.

The next meeting will be on May 14, 2003 at the JFC.

Adjournment was at 1:15 p.m.