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Governance Committee

Governance Committee

Governance Committee 2008-09 Year End Report

The members of the Governance Committee this year were Debbie Beard, Walt Paquin, doug Atwood, Marc Fulgham, Shuju Wu, Mike Cobb and Candice Walton. It was chaired by Alberta Sautter.

1)We began with a list of items to consider. Place List. (ongoing, needs to be completed,

·Further analysis of the faculty senate survey. (Completed)

·Find ways to make the Grievance Policy more user friendly. (Completed)

·Find and analyze the results of the HIRA morale survey. (Completed)

·Have faculty representation on all committees and council including the Deans' Council, the Chairperson's Forum, the Executive Council and the Board of Regents.(Ongoing)

·Insist that all University committees and councils publish minutes and agendas. (ongoing)

·Obtain read only access to the financial module of Banner for the Senate. But why not fore everybody? (Ongoing)

·Finish the Senate's self assessment plan. (Completed)

·Develop an annual survey of issues and satisfaction. Seek faculty input from various support departments like Facilities Management, Computer Services, DPS, Bookstore, Printing and Duplicating, etc. (Not pursued this year.)

·See if the Faculty Center can be moved to one of the fraternity buildings when the Greek village is built. The house beside the old Alumni Center was once under consideration for JFC. (Not pursued this year.)

·Develop an independent line item budget for the Senate under our control. (Ongoing)

·Start a signup campaign for one of the union organizations (AAUP or NEA for example) with a goal of 50% of faculty and establish a local chapter. (Not pursued this year.)

·Establish a Senate executive council as a formal committee composed of the Senate executive and past Senate chairs to help retain an institutional memory. (Ongoing)

·Start a seminar series of invited speakers with emphasis on motivation of faculty and self governance. For example, AAUP has a speakers list. (Not pursued this year.)

·Host a faculty reception as part of a social exchange. Perhaps offer wine and snacks at the JFC once a month. (Not pursued this year.)

2)We completed a summary of the survey concluded in February, 2008. We also submitted a list of recommendations for improvements based on the survey data. Many recommendations were derived from this data and should form the basis of action items in the 2009-2010 academic year. Among those for this committee would be:

·Increased efforts by the members of Faculty Senate and the Administration should be made to provide a collegial environment and improve shared governance. The role and responsibility of the Faculty Senate should be more clearly communicated to the campus community on an on-going basis. In addition, orientation and mentoring for new Senators should be provided. An annual retreat between the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the Administration should be conducted. Funding should be provided to invite external speakers to discuss ways to strength collegiality and shared governance. (Ongoing)

·Faculty Senate should represent the interests of the faculty as a whole more effectively and act in a timely manner in addressing relevant issues. From the review of the various comments, it appears that the Administration and the Faculty Senate should work together toward a more collegial environment to improve the credibility of Faculty Senate. Faculty Senate representatives should solicit more input from academic units and provide more feedback to their academic units. Faculty Senate Executive Committee and committee chairs should seek input from faculty at large concerning faculty and academic issues on a regular basis. (Ongoing)

·Weekly or bimonthly e-mails should be sent to all faculty that provide a concise summary of Faculty Senate agenda items and deliberations on a timely basis. A monthly newswire item should contain a link to Faculty Senate agenda and minutes. The Senate should continue to develop a comprehensive Faculty Senate website that is updated regularly. (Ongoing)

3)An ad hoc committee was formed to look at the data from the HERI committee. One of their recommendations which, was derived from this data and should form the basis of an action items in the 2009-2010 academic year.

·Collect information (e.g., from other universities and from the AAUP) on alternative governance models; to study ways in which the role of the faculty in university governance can be improved; and to recommend organizational changes in the patterns of university governance.

4)We investigated various strategies to make the grievance policy more understandable. Guests were invited to help us determine which strategy would work the best.As a result we constructed a web page to help faculty who are considering filing a grievance and linked the page to the chair of this committee so that they can consult a member of the Governance committee for guidance.

Alberta Sautter, Ph.D.

Chair Governance Committee 2008-2009