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Governance Committee

Governance Committee

April 18, 2007

The Governance Committee was directed to accomplish many things this year.

A Faculty Senate Self-Survey
Is there a general perception of waning effectiveness, etc. with respect to the Faculty Senate?
We developed a survey that will allow us to ask these types of questions of the faculty and administration. The survey is nearly finalized, but does require some edits before it is launched. We can prepare to implement the survey in the beginning of the fall 2007.

Senator Term Adjustments
One of our tasks was to realign the Senator term boundaries to maintain a 1/3 per year turnover. We proposed that a set number Senators be re-elected for a 2 year term. This is a temporary adjustment to accomplish realignment. We proposed a random selection of which departments will take a shortened term. This has been accomplished up to the actual random selection of Senators.

Grievance Policy
Another task that the Governance Committee received partway through the year was to work again on the Grievance Policy. This task required weekly meetings when the Senate was not in session. The Governance Committee Chair, Lucinda Swatzell, would like to thank the committee members for their dedication, commitment to the task, and for their hours of work. In addition, we owe much thanks to Martha Zlokovich for her contributions and willingness to meet with the committee to lend history and perspective.

The Grievance Policy is now ready for a vote. It has been examined by the committee extensively, by the University administration. We offer Jane Stephens hearty thanks for her input and for utilizing the University lawyer, Jane Cohen, to help us avoid legal pitfalls. The policy has also been examined by the faculty, and the committee has even interviewed faculty who have engaged the grievance process under the old system.

In summary, the Faculty Senate Governance Committee has utilized almost every scheduled week during the semesters to accomplish our assigned tasks. We have not exhausted the list, but we have produced a great deal during this time.