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Faculty Compensation Committee

Faculty Compensation Committee

Faculty Compensation Committee
Year-End Report

Membership: Chair, Rick Sebby; Senator Julie Banks; Senator David Briggs, Senator Elaine Jackson; Senator David Naugler; Verl Pope; Senator Willie Redmond; Senator Sven Svenson; Mohan Tikoo

Tasks Completed

1.Summer Compensation Plan. The committee developed and presented to Faculty Senate a Summer Compensation Plan that included a per-capita option for faculty salaries. A version of this plan, including the per-capita option, was approved by Faculty Senate.

2.Promotion/Post-professorial Merit Monies. The committee developed and presented to Faculty Senate a bill that effectively separated monies for yearly Faculty Merit raises and monies for Promotion/Post-professorial merit, with this latter item established as a cost-of-continuing in future university budgets. Language necessary to modify the Faculty Merit Pay Policy (Bill 08-A-05) and the Faculty Tenure and Promotion Policy (Bill 08-A-04) was included in the proposal. This proposal was approved by Faculty Senate.

3.Faculty salary data at Southeast Missouri State University. The committee collected data available from various published sources (AAUP, CUPA) in an effort to determine the relative standing of salaries of Southeast faculty at all ranks in relation to other institutions (both national and regional). In order to determine whether the average Southeast faculty member's salary is keeping pace with cost-of-living increases, the committee sought to obtain individual faculty data, in combination with data from Benefits, across a four to five year period from the Associate to the Provost for Data Analysis and Director of Assessment. Numerous requests for this data went unanswered.

Possible Future Tasks

1.Faculty salary data. The committee will secure longitudinal Southeast salary data from available sources over the summer in order to construct a profile of faculty, given various ranks, promotions, length of service, etc. Comparisons will be made with salary data for professional and administrative staff. Construction of this profile, depending upon the data source available, will allow an assessment of the state of faculty compensation at the university. The ability to present an effective, data based case, arguing for increases in monies allocated for future Faculty Merit raises is dependent upon obtaining such data. Significant Faculty Merit raises will be necessary to address cost-of-living issues and salary compression.

2.University Policy on faculty salary equity adjustments. The committee is aware that the administration employs policies that define the conditions under which faculty receive equity adjustments. This policy (and its conditions) is not defined in the Faculty Handbook. Faculty should examine said policy and it should be included in the Faculty Handbook following a determination as to its appropriateness and equitability concerning faculty.

3.Faculty compensation issues related to experiential, practicum, laboratory, internship, and independent study courses. The Faculty Compensation Committee should develop a proposal related to compensation of faculty teaching such courses. At the present, no uniform mechanism for compensation is in place, thus creating inequity across campus.

4.Ongoing monitoring of the newly implemented method of summer compensation. The committee should take whatever steps are appropriate and necessary to examine the equitability and effectiveness of the policy regarding faculty compensation during summer sessions.

Submitted by,
Rickard A. Sebby, Chair, Faculty Compensation, 2009-2010