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Faculty Compensation Committee

Faculty Compensation Committee

Faculty Senate Compensation Committee

Yearly Report


I.Health Consortium Update:

A.The following items were identified as topics for consideration in the future:

1.introduction of a multiple choice plan

2.deferred contribution

3.“opting out” clause for retirees

5.dependent coverage

6.coverage for same-sex partners and non-married partners

II. Salary Proposal for 2003:

Chairperson Linda Heitman spoke with Dr. Ivy Locke regarding the date for the

Budget Review Committee meeting to consider the 2003 proposal by the

Compensation Committee. Dr. Locke stated there was no information from the state.

She proposed the next meeting would be held in May or June. If June is the

designated for next month for the next BRC meeting committee members will be

notified. If necessary, an alternate may be selected to represent them.

III.Salary Compression and Equity Issues

The committee reviewed the recent concerns of Senator Journet regarding past, current

and future salary compression and equity issues is lieu of the new merit (promotion) bill.

The committee conclusions were:

1.All faculty concerns are valued and merit investigation.

2.Clause in the new promotion bill encourages evaluation of salary equity issues.

3.Faculty requests reports of equity studies me reviewed annually.

4.Faculty requests comprehensive, comparable data be made available for accurate

comparison of current salaries in order to evaluate true salary compression.

5.Request that concerned faculty be allowed to review data necessary salary

compression concerns.

6.Dean Fred Janzow represented Administration at the April 9th Faculty Senate

meeting at the request of the committee.

7.Request guidelines be established to prospectively evaluate salary compression

and equity issues as the new Promotion Bill is inacted.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Heitman, RN, Ph.D.

Chair, Faculty Senate Compensation Committee