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Documents Committee

Documents Committee

Faculty Senate Documents Committee
Year-End Report

Membership:Chair, Victor R. Wilburn; Senator Raymond Bohannon, Bob Willingham, Senator Eric Clements, Senator Doug Atwood, Ismatilla Mardanov, Seantor Haohao Wang

Faculty Seante Goals/Charges for Documents Committee 2011-2012:

  1. Review the Faculty handbook and identify weblinks that would improve theaccuracyof the hand book and reduce duplication of content
  2. Survey senate documents to ensure they are getting to archivist for appropriate recordkeeping.
  3. Review the expectations of the Membershi[ committee chair as outlined in the faculty handbook.
  4. Review the procedures and guidelines of the Grievance policy. Evaluate document alignment.
  5. Review the Faculty Senate Constitution section respective to Elections and make recommendations regarding time frames.
  6. Commencement committee. A procedural challenge has led to problems fillingthose positions in the past

Action Items Completed 2010-2011:

  • Nine weblinks were identified, recommended, and accepted as hyperlinks for integration into the faculty handbook.
  • A Faculty Seante Resolution was passed to modify the duties of the Membership Chair.
  • A Faculty Senate Resolution was submitted but not supported for the modifications and alignment of bylaws of the Grievance and grievance procedures.
  • A Faculty Senate Resolution was passed to amends the Faculty Senate Constitution to moce the election date for Faculty Senators to March 31st.

Action Items Continuing to Next Year (2011-2012):

  1. Faculty senate. Commencement committee. A procedural challenge has led to problems filling those positions in the past

Submitted by,
Victor R. Wilburn, Chair Documents Committee 2011-2012