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Documents Committee

Documents Committee

Year End Report for 2009-2010
Submitted 4/30/10
Documents Committee Member
Term EndsNameCollege/School/Kent Library
2010Mary Harriet TalbutEducation
2012VICTOR WILBURNHealth & Human Services
2011JOYCE RENAUDHealth & Human Services (Chair)
2011Bob WillinghamKent Library
2010KATHY SMITHLiberal Arts
2011Brad DekenPolytechnic Studies
2010Paul DiermannScience & Mathematics

The Documents Committee Requested Change Forms to address:

1.Revisions to Policy on Academic Honesty (Senate Bill 03-A-04)
Name Change from Office of Judicial Affairs to Office of Student Conduct.
Revision requested by Assistant Dean of Students for Student Conduct (Ch. 5 Pg. 258).

2. Provide links to the following websites:
*Board of Regents (Ch. 1 pg. 7)
*Academic Organizational Chart (Ch. 1 pg. 22)
* Office of Extended Learning (Ch. 1 pg. 63)
*University Academic Council (Ch. 1 pg 65)

3. Name Change:
* Assistant Provost to Associate Provost (Ch. 1 pg. 21)
* Graduate School to Graduate Studies (Ch. 1 pg. 22)
* Writing Outcomes Program to Center for Writing Excellence
(Ch. 1 pgs. 23 & 24)


*Southeast PM Program (Ch. 1 pg. 21)

5.Revise numerical order:
*Chapter 1 pages 63-65

6. Additions:
*Add University Council Members:
Vice Provost
Associate Provost for Extended Learning
Dean of Students
Dean of the Graduate Studies
Director of the School of Visual and Performing Arts
Dean of the School of Polytechnic Studies

7.The Documents Committee recommends follow up regarding edits proposed by Grants Research Funding Committee to request additions to section 6 Radiation Safety and Hazardous Materials checklist. Further information was requested by the Faculty Senate including any approval needed by Human Subjects Committee.
On hold until GRFC submits additional information to the Senate.

8.The Documents Committee recommends follow up regarding separation of Academic Information Service and General Education Program.