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Documents Committee

Documents Committee

Documents Committee
Year End Report for 2007-2008

The Documents Committee addressed Theresa Wildman's request to remove the language about the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs from the Handbook. The Committee unanimously agreed that the language should be removed. A bill was subsequently introduced and passed by the Senate removing the language and adding a link to the Handbook referring readers to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs's website.

The Documents Committee reviewed the Faculty Forum. The Committee identified a few items that could make the forum more user-friendly. The discussion areas were reorganized and the number of topics were reduced.

Dr. Ward contacted Archie Sprengel concerning the IT benefits for emeritus faculty. Mr. Sprengel confirmed that emeritus faculty will still be able to access help desk support. A bill was presented and passed by the Senate that removed language referring to internet access being provided by Computer Services.

The Documents Committee also reviewed Chapter 1 in the Faculty Handbook. The reporting lines need to be updated in the sections referring to the President's, the Provost's, and the Vice Provost's responsibilities. During this review the Committee has identified several other errors that need to be addressed. The Committee also received a request from Dr. Starrett to look at some additional sections on pages 20, 21, 22, and 62. Dr. Ward will present the proposed changes to the Senate as soon as the recommendations are compiled. Proposed changes for two pages have not yet been submitted. These updates will be accomplished through the use of change forms rather than bills.