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Documents Committee

Documents Committee

Documents Committee Annual 2003-04 Report

During the 2003-2004 the Documents Committee focused efforts in 3 main areas: continued review of the Faculty Handbook; moving of Senate records to Kent Library as mandated by the Senate Bylaws; and design of the Faculty Senate webpage to conform to the University's current standard format.

In December 2003, the committee moved 15 boxes of Senate's records to Kent Library.

The staff in Special Collections is planning to index these records during the 2004-2005 school year. Records are currently in clearly marked boxes.

A subcommittee worked with Michelle Elder to design a new webpage. The format has been given to Susan Swartwout. She will be moving the contents of the existing webpage to the new one.

The review of the Faculty Handbook continues. The tenure, promotion, and academic honesty policies were updated. The Provost's office has been asked to add the changes to the by-laws that were made as a result of the Senate review process. This needs to be followed up. Dr. Roy Farris reviewed the entire handbook and minor editorial changes were suggested. Several other changes may need to be considered by the full Senate. A review of his suggestions is currently underway. It is hoped that the changes will be made this summer by Paula Cunningham at the instruction of the Documents Committee.

The next committee should follow-up on progress in the progress of archiving the records and implementing the changes to the Faculty Handbook.

Anne Marietta

Chairperson, Documents Committee