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Chair's Report

Chair’s Annual Report

47th Session of Faculty Senate 2012-2013
Submitted by: Dr. Janice Ward

The forty-seventh session of the Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University has been busy and productive this past academic year. The Senate has continued working on updates to the Faculty Handbook, work that was started two sessions ago. The Faculty Senate continued to strengthen working relationships with Student Government and the administration, including President Ken Dobbins and Provost Ron Rosati. The 47th Senate began the 2012-2013 academic year with the first Faculty Senate Leadership Retreat, which we hope will continue with the 48th Senate. Many members of the administration attended this retreat, along with the Senate Legislative Committee Chairs and the Senate Executive Committee members. Through this and other efforts, the Senate also continued to improve the transparency of its processes by including affected groups on campus early and often in the legislative process.

Senate leadership included:

Janice Ward, Chair
Debra Lee-DiStefano, Chair-Elect
Diane Wood, Membership Committee Chair
Rick Althaus, Parliamentarian
Charles McAllister, Academic Affairs Committee Chair
Willie Redmond and Joyce Renaud, Compensation Committee Co-Chairs
Chris Wubbena, Documents Committee Chair
Don Jung, Governance Committee Chair
Brandon Christensen, Professional Affairs Committee Chair

Administration Liaison to Faculty Senate, Provost Ron Rosati
Faculty Senate Liaison to Student Government, Charles McAllister
Student Government Liaison to Faculty Senate: Bethany Rosenthal (fall semester), Amanda Graven (spring semester)

So far during the 47th Senate session, the Senate has passed thirty bills, including 8 recommendations for Emeritus faculty, and 22 bills updating or adding new sections to the Faculty Handbook. Notable bills included the Student Evaluation of Instruction Policy and Procedure, and Non Tenure Track Faculty Appointments Policy and Procedure. A significant amount of work was also done on the Master Faculty Advisor Initiative, which we expect to be finalized during the 48th session of Faculty Senate.

Fall 2012

In the fall of 2012 the Senate passed two Emeritus bills, the five-year academic calendar, and policy and procedure bills for Student Evaluation of Instruction.

Spring 2013

In the spring of 2013 the 47th Senate passed Emeritus bills for six faculty members, and currently has passed 22 bills updating or adding new sections to the Faculty Handbook. A significant amount of work was completed to update faculty designations in the Handbook, including non-tenure track faculty appointments policy and procedure, regular faculty appointments policy and procedure, non-continuing faculty appointments policy and procedure, and the Kent Library faculty policy. Additional important work was completed to design and implement mechanisms to maintain appropriate faculty ratios of tenure track and non tenure track positions on campus. The revised Faculty Handbook was made available online.

The 47th Faculty Senate hosted the following guests (in order of visit to meetings):

President Ken Dobbins; Dr. David Russell, Commissioner of Higher Education; Kathy Swan, Representative for CBHE; Dr. Rusty Monhollon, Missouri Dept. of Higher Education; Dean David Starrett , Student Government Liaison Bethany Rosenthal; Patrick Vining, Student Government President; Greg Felock, Student Government Vice President; Lacey York, Student Government Secretary; Alyssa Vandeven, Assistant Director for Human Resources; Allen Gathman, Associate Dean for Online Learning; President Ken Dobbins; Dean Dave Starrett; Dr. Chris Frazier; Allen Gathman, Associate Dean for Online Learning; Dean Barrios; Dean McDougall; and Dean Starrett.

Discussions were also held regarding the status of Higher Education in the state of Missouri, the state budget, student evaluation of instruction, the First Annual Health and Wellness Fair, summer and winter sessions, the university budget, the Higher Learning Commission review and results, Missouri Association of Faculty Senate meetings, and student learning outcomes. During the spring semester, the J. W. Terrill group met with the Senate to solicit feedback regarding faculty compensation for the compensation study on campus. A survey of faculty was completed to solicit feedback regarding the Master Faculty Advisor initiative.

The Senate Executive Committee and the Senate Legislative Chairs also met with Bill Weary during the strategic planning process. The Senate Executive Committee participated in the strategic planning workshop on the River campus. The fall meeting of the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates was chaired by Stephanie Chamberlain and attended by Chair Janice Ward and Chair Elect Debra DiStefano. The spring meeting of the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates was chaired by Stephanie Chamberlain and attended by Chair Janice Ward, Chair Elect Debra DiStefano, and Membership Chair Diane Wood.

I am personally grateful for the opportunity to lead the Senate this past session and look forward to the work of the leadership of the 48th Senate session. I would like to thank each and every Senator, the members of the Senate Executive Committee, all members of the Senate Legislative and Reporting Committees (especially the Chairs), Student Government, and members of the administration at Southeast who participated in our process this past year, for your valuable contributions to the significant work of the 47th Senate.