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Chair's Report

Chair's Report

Chair's Annual Report
46th Session of Faculty Senate 2011-2012
Submitted by: Dr. Kevin Dickson

The forty-sixth session of the Faculty Senate of Southeast Missouri State University was busy and productive. The Senate continued working on updates to the Faculty Handbook including the separation of sections into policy and procedure based on Bill 10-A-13 which established these designations. The Faculty Senate continued strengthening working relationships with Student Government, and the administration, including President Ken Dobbins and Provost Ron Rosati. Senate also continued to improve the transparency of its processes by including affected groups on campus early and often in the legislative process.

Senate leadership included:
Kevin Dickson, Chair Janice Ward, Chair-Elect
Diane Wood, Membership Committee Chair
Charles McAllister, Parliamentarian
Don Jung, Academic Affairs Committee Chair
Debbie Lee-DiStefano, Compensation Committee Chair
Victor Wilburn, Documents Committee Chair
Phil Nacy, Governance Committee Chair
Rick Althaus, Professional Affairs Committee Chair

Student Government liaison: Rebecca Masur

Fall 2011
During the Fall 2011 semester, the Senate passed five resolutions dealing with special elections for the Faculty Advisory Committee for Academic Program Review, the membership of the College Council for the College of Education, amendments to the Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws regarding the timing of elections and the formation of committees for incoming sessions of Senate, and removal of the second six week session for the Summer 2012 sessions.

Also during the Fall 2011 semester, the Senate passed eleven bills. Six bills recommended Emeritus status for nine retired or retiring faculty, one Dean, and two posthumous recognitions. Four bills separated policy and procedure within the Faculty Handbook for Research Funds and Partisan Political Action on Campus. The remaining bill passed was an update to the five-year calendar through Summer session 2017.

It is noteworthy that during this semester legislation was passed that originated from five of the Senate's legislative committees. Thus efforts were not only extensive but spread throughout the membership of the Senate. In addition to significant legislation, the Senate held a New Faculty Reception and hosted several guests at Senate meetings. Visiting guests included (in order of visits) President Ken Dobbins, Dean Dave Starrett, Martha Henckell, Senior Associate Provost Bill Eddleman, Gloria Green, Connie Hebert, Associate Dean Allen Gathman, and Beth Glaus.

The Senate also discussed language included in faculty search advertisements, course redesign, budgets for faculty searches, parking on campus during construction, safety training for use of technology, a proposal for a Clinical Faculty designation, University standing committees, online education, the adoption of a new Learning Management System, the report of the fall meeting of the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates, and the work of the subcommittees of the Southeast in the Year 2020 committee.

Spring 2012
During the Spring 2012 semester, the Senate passed three resolutions which amended the Faculty Senate Bylaws to remove the requirement that the Membership Committee Chair also serve on another Senate Legislative Committee, approved the rapid adoption of Student Learning Outcomes into course syllabi, and stated observations about compensation, such as the need to review and address overload pay, part-time pay, equity adjustments by discipline, and the effects of budget cycles without salary increases.

Additionally, the Senate passed thirty-one bills. Three bills recommended seven faculty for Emeritus status. One bill recommended an increase in RNTT merit pay from $1250 to $2000. One bill added new language to the section of the Faculty Handbook dealing with the membership of College Councils. Two bills added a new section to the Faculty Handbook dealing with the definition of a student credit hour. Four bills updated the current sections of the Faculty Handbook covering Student Evaluation of Instruction and Graduate Faculty Status and divided them into policy and procedure. The remaining twenty bills separated sections of the Faculty Handbook into policy and procedure in the following areas: Service, Research, Scientific Misconduct, Human Subjects, Class Attendance, Examinations and Grades, 8-week Midterm Grades, Incomplete Grades, Grade Appeals, and the FERPA/Buckley Amendment.

During this semester, legislation was passed that originated from five of the Senate's legislative committees. In addition, the Faculty Senate approved a list of web hyperlinks that will replace sections of the Faculty Handbook that are detailed on other portions of Southeast Missouri State University's website. The Senate also approved the addition of a section for Student Learning Outcomes to the official Course Syllabus document.

The Faculty Senate hosted the following guests (in order of visit to meetings): President Ken Dobbins, Student Government President Patrick Vining, President Ken Dobbins and Vice President Kathy Mangels, Associate Dean Allen Gathman, and Dean Dave Starrett. Discussions were also held regarding University standing committees, the goals of the leadership of the Student Government Association, Bachelor of Science in Nursing fees, course redesign, the status of the Missouri state budget appropriations, the State Auditor's report, adoption of a new Learning Management System, the report of the Spring meeting of the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates, the charge of the Grievance Committee, the policy for repeating courses, the textbook rental policy, and several sections of the Faculty Handbook for preliminary review.