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Chair's Report

Chair's Report

45th Session (2010-2011)

End of the Year Chair Report

It has been a year of collaboration and innovation. Issues and initiatives for the 45th Senate included course redesign; collaborative programs; increase average class sizes from 21 to 26; winter intercession; Degree Works; The Cape Girardeau Partnership for Higher Education; Budget cuts; Goal 2025 from the Governor; Benefit reorganization and the 2020 committee.

Accomplishments of the 45th Senate:

The Policies for Retrenchment, Restructuring and Program Review went to the Board of Regents and were approved. In addition, a Policy separating policy from procedures was approved. The Senate continued to update the Faculty handbook and passed 7 additional policies including: academic fresh start, the five year calendar, academic distinction in the department of major, honors program; academic honesty, updates to the tenure and promotion policy and revision of professional development. In addition, the senate passed 7 companion procedures and one resolution on policies not going into effect until the companion procedures were approved.

Southeast is leading course redesign efforts. There are course redesign efforts at the University and the state level. The Faculty Senate has provided support as the University incorporates shared governance as an AQIP action project.

In collaboration with administrators, the Senate has approved a bill separating promotion/tenure monies from post professional merit. We also asked for and were approved for a 2% merit increase.

The Faculty Senate website was updated to include links for important information. We have also involved the deans and administrators when forming and discussing bills which made the process more collegial.

Southeast is transforming itself into a high quality academic institution that produces graduates who are able to navigate and thrive in this global landscape. Together through collaboration, cooperation and communication we have accomplished much and will continue to make Southeast the University of First Choice.