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Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Committee

Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee
Year-End Report

Voting Membership: Chair, Donald Jung; Faculty Senate Chair-Elect Janice Ward, Senator Chuck McAllister, Senator Carol Veneziano, Senator Chris Wubbena, Senator Marcus Bond, Senator Julie Weathers, Karl Suhr, Alberta Sautter, Margaret Dalton

Non-Voting Membership: Provost Ronald Rosati, Graduate Dean Bill Eddleman, Registar Sandy Hinkle, Dean of Students Dennis Holt

Faculty Seante Goals/Charges for Academic Affairs Committee 2011-2012:

  1. Update 5-year Academic Calendar
  2. Continue Faculty Handbook review
  3. Develop Resolution expending course syllabus revisions necessaryas a result of integrating Student Learning Outcomes

Action Items Completed 2011-2012:
1. Represented Faculty Senate (McAllister) to Student Government
2. Represented Faculty Senate (Veneziano/Jung) to Graduate Council
3. Represented Faculty Senate (Jung/Ward) to academic Council
4. Amended and updated 5-year Calendar (through 2015-2016) incorporation additional
summer sessions and winter intersession
5. Revised sections of Faculty Handbook passed and/or pending/tabled by Faculty
a. Graduate Faculty Status (passed Senate)
b. Eight-Week Interim Grades (passed Senate)
c. Class Attendance (passed Senate)
d. Examinations and Grades (passed Senate)
e. Incomplete Grades (tabled by Senate for next year Academic Affairs
Committee action)
f. Grade Appeals (passed Senate)
g. Repeating Courses (passed Seante)
h. Student Evaluation of Instruction (passed Senate, approved by SGA,
pending President and Board action)
i. FERPA/Buckley Amendment (passed Senate)
j. Textbook Policies (tabled by senate for next year Academic Affairs
Committee action)
6. Resolution Recommending an Expedited Course Syllabus Revisionto include Student
Learning Outcomes (passed Senate pending President action)
7. Introduced Bill to Faculty Senate incorporating Credit Hour Definition into the Faculty
Handbook (pending)

Action Items Continuing to Next Year (2012-2013):
1. Update 5-year Calendar theough 2012-2017 academic years
2. Continue working on revising sections of Faculty Handbook:
a. Teaching Classroom Practices
i. Teaching Responsibilities (committee revising latest version, ready for
introduction during next Senate term)
ii.Advisement of Students (committee revising latest version, ready for
introduction during next Senate term)
iii. Office Hours (committe revising latest version,ready for introduction
during next Senate term)
iv. Guidelines for Classroom Copying (draft currently before Senate for
feedback, should be ready for introduction during next Senate term)
v.Guidelines for Establishment and Operating of Academic Intership
Programs (committee revising latest version, ready for introduction
during next Senate term)
b. Course and Curricular Approval Process
i. Review Committees (draft from prepared for action next Senate term)
ii.Approval Process (draft from prepared for action next Seante term)
iii. Gradute Council (on hold pending development of Bill to move section
to Chapter 1:G:5:w-recommend joint Governance and Academic Affairs
effort early next Senate term)

3. Review next year:
a. Review possible changes in Grade Appeal process
b. Review possible changes to Textbook policies/procedures
c. Review possible changes to Incomplete Grades policies/procedures

Submitted by,
Donald Jung, Chair Academic Affairs 2011-2012